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About Breed Advisor

Breed Advisor was created in 2020 by a team of experienced Dog Care professionals, who were concerned by the mass adoptions that took place during COVID-19. Although it was wonderful to see so many sheltered dogs re-homed, we wanted to make sure these were homes for life, and that new owners had the best possible information on breeds, ownership, nutrition and financial implications. (See here for our detailed guide to dog adoption).

As such our team got to work, producing over 100 in-depth dog breed guides covering information on breed history, size, weight, personality, temperament, health, grooming, training, exercise, diet and rescue groups. If you need information on how well suited a particular breed is to your lifestyle and circumstances, we’ve got you covered!

Knowing how important accurate health and nutritional advice is, we then produced adult and puppy dog food reviews – incorporating expert advice from our team of Vets where necessary. We didn’t (and still don’t) take this process lightly, employing stringent review standards for each article.

This body of work makes up the majority of information you’ll find on BreedAdvisor.com, but we’ve also built up information on dog behavior, health issues, ownership advice and certain products too.

Our Mission

Our mission from the start has been to help inform prospective dog owners about the what it’s actually like to own a particular breed. As they say, a dog isn’t just for Christmas (or COVID), and our goal is to help both owners and animals have happy, loving lives together. This starts with a proper dog education, and that is the platform we aspire to build.

Who We Are

Alongside our panel of trusted Veterinarians, our team also consists of an award-winning breeder, a trainer/behaviorist, a rescue worker and most recently a doggy daycare owner! Each person brings their own specialist skillset and experience to the table, and enables us to produce the accurate and helpful information you’ll find on Breed Advisor. Please do go ahead and visit Our Team page to find out more about them.

How to Get in Contact With Us

Whether you have a content related query, website feedback, have a media enquiry or anything else, please do reach out to us via our Contact page. We’ll aim to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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