Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Overview

Parent Breeds:
Rottweiler & Belgian Malinois
Breed Nickname:
Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix
Medium to Large
22-27 inches
45-130 pounds
Life Span:
8-9 years
Coat Colors:
Black, tan, mahogany, and brown.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Characteristics

Good for First-Time Owners
Good with Children
Easy to Train
Exercise Requirements
Ease of Grooming
Amount of Shedding
Amount of Drooling
Tendency to Bark

About The Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix

What Is A Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Called?

There is not currently a name for the mixed breed created when crossing a Rottweiler with a Belgian Malinois, so they are mostly identified by the term Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix.

These dogs are large and therefore can elicit wary reactions, but they are gentle giants to almost everyone they meet. They might get bad reputations from their parent breeds, but the Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix has become a popular companion dog.

Keep reading to learn more about this elusive dog breed.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Breed History

  • Thought to have originated between the 1980s and 2000s.

  • Both parent breeds were used as herding dogs before being promoted to police dogs.

There isn’t much history to learn about the Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix. While they are loosely considered a designer breed, they aren’t treated as much.

Despite this, they will have likely been bred around the same time as many other designer breeds, between the 1980s and 2000s in North America.

The Belgian Malinois is originally from Germany and was first recognized as a breed in 1959. They were used for herding, to begin with, but their intelligence quickly led them into the police field.

They’ve even been used in the Secret Service to guard the White House!

Rottweilers date back to Roman times, originally used for herding livestock. They have since been used as police dogs and in search and rescue missions.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Personality & Temperament

  • Protective and loyal to their family members.

  • Not aggressive to children or owners.

  • Needs an owner who can keep up with their high energy levels.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mixes are protective of their families and are known for their natural strength. They have large personalities thanks to both of their parent breeds, and have even larger energy levels.

They’re not for the faint of heart – you’ll need to be sure you can keep up with this fast dog. Rottweilers are goofy, and you can expect to see this in your Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix, too.

A 2008 study showed that Rottweilers have the same average aggression levels as any other dog breed, so there is nothing to suggest the Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix will be aggressive to family members or children.

However, this study did show that Rottweilers might be more aggressive to strangers, so be mindful of this when out and about. Proper early socialization can help with this, as well as maintaining slow and calm introductions.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Health

  • Mixed breeding reduces the likelihood of health issues.

  • Could be prone to cancer.

  • Routine vet checkups are vital for early diagnosis.

Mixed breeding should prevent most of the health issues of the parent breeds from being inherited, but this is not always the case.

While Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mixes might be less likely to deal with these health concerns throughout their lives, they can still suffer from them.

Larger dogs are more susceptible to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, and Rottweilers are known for suffering from Osteosarcoma. The Belgian Malinois is also prone to tumors, so the Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix is at a higher risk of cancer than other mixed breeds.

Other concerns include Parvovirus, Epilepsy, Cataracts, Thyroid Disease, Pannus, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Training

  • Highly intelligent dogs who’ve worked in the military and the police.

  • Positive reinforcement is the most effective method of training.

  • Can have a stubborn streak.

The Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix is a very intelligent breed, and they have been used for decades as working dogs. They have worked for the police, the Secret Service, and the military. So, training is simple – for an experienced large dog owner.

Positive reinforcement is the only form of training you should be using. Negative reinforcement will aggravate the dog and might unleash an aggressive side to them.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mixes are stubborn when they don’t want to train, but working with them and not getting angry can help you both reach a happy medium in which you see results faster.

Again, we don’t recommend these dogs for novice owners. Even experienced owners might prefer to take their Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix to a professional dog trainer.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Exercise Requirements

  • Highly intelligent dogs who’ve worked in the military and the police.

  • Positive reinforcement is the most effective method of training.

  • Can have a stubborn streak.

Both parent breeds were bred for working, so they need at least one hour of exercise a day. However, they’ll ideally want more than this to keep themselves engaged and rid of boredom.

They’ll need an owner who can keep up with these high energy demands. Ideally, you’ll either be home for a lot of the day or have someone come to look after them while you’re away.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mixes love all forms of exercise, including swimming, hiking, and running. They also need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent their boredom from being shown as destructive behaviors.

If you’re leaving them alone, leave plenty of mentally stimulating toys out. Think treat cages, puzzle boxes, and more.

Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Diet & Feeding

  • Choose premium food for large dogs with high energy levels.

  • Feed them according to their current weight.

Look for a food that has been formulated for large dogs with high energy needs. This will be full of premium quality protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates for bursts of energy throughout the day.

Only feed them enough for their weight, as overfeeding will lead to obesity. You can get their weight checked at your routine vet checkups to ensure that you are still feeding them enough as their weight fluctuates.

Choose a premium food that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy.

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Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix Cost

  • Costs between $800 and $2,000.

  • Only use reputable breeders who can show you the health reports of the parents.

The cost of a Belgian Malinois Rottweiler Mix will depend on a number of factors, but the general cost will be between $800 and $2,000.

Always choose a reputable breeder when purchasing a dog. They should have had both parents tested for health conditions relevant to their own breed, which will reduce the likelihood of these diseases being inherited by their offspring. They should offer you this report to see for yourself.

Ongoing costs include exercise equipment, plenty of food, mentally stimulating toys, and insurance premiums.