3 Best Dog Crate Water Bottles to Keep Your Pooch Hydrated (2022 Review)

As a dog owner, you’ll know that your dog should always have access to fresh, clean water.  Most owners provide their dog’s water in a traditional water bowl, but did you know there’s another option? Dog crate water bottles can be a handy addition to your pup’s crate, helping them stay hydrated and keeping their crate mess-free.

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Comparing the Best Dog Crate Water Bottle

  • Best for small breeds
  • Small steel tip for little mouths
  • Easy installation
  • Best for large breeds
  • Nozzle attaches to any PET bottle
  • Large tip for big mouths
  • Best for all breeds
  • Adjustable height and positioning
  • Flip-up lid for easy refill

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More Detailed Dog Crate Water Bottle Reviews

Choco Nose No-Drip Dog & Cat Water Bottle, Color Varies, 16mm Nozzle, 11.2-oz review


  • Best for small breeds
  • Small steel tip for little mouths
  • Easy installation

If you’re looking for 1 of the best dog crate water bottles, the Choco Nose No-Drip Dog & Cat Water Bottle is a fantastic option. It’s suitable for toy and small breeds, with a small steel tip specifically designed for little mouths. The bottle is made from strong plastic and the tip can even attach to soda bottles, making it eco-friendly.

This bottle comes with a sturdy, easy to use plastic attachment for your dog’s crate, which I found very handy, or can be nailed to the wall.


  • Easy to install onto a crate or even a pen
  • Easy to remove from crate to refill with water, even when the crate is closed
  • Prevents mess and spillage that comes with water bowls
  • Most owners found that this bottle dripped less than other models they had tried
  • Some owners found the bottle helpful for their dogs with additional health needs, such as those who need constant access to water or have trouble drinking from a bowl


  • Some owners found that although the bottle is ‘drip-free’, it can sometimes drip and cause a small puddle
  • Some found that the bottle was too small for their dog and needed to be refilled multiple times each day
  • Can be easily knocked out of holder by very playful dogs
  • Not compatible with plastic crates, as the only place to attach the bottle is the wire door which owners found tricky
  • Some owners found that the plastic attachment clip broke easily and wasn’t sturdy enough for the bottle

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Choco Nose No-Drip Large Dog Water Nozzle, Color Varies, 22mm Nozzle review


  • Best for large breeds
  • Nozzle attaches to any PET bottle
  • Large tip for big mouths

The Choco Nose No-Drip Large Dog Water Nozzle provides a great option for larger breeds, featuring a wider, stainless steel tip. The nozzle doesn’t come with a bottle, but instead fits any PET bottle (meaning plastic bottles like soda bottles). This is both eco-friendly and in my experience, very handy as you can use bottles you have at home.

The nozzle comes with a secure, plastic attachment I found easy to install onto my dog’s crate. Alternatively, you can nail it to a wall or any wooden furniture.


  • Easy to set up and refill, with an easy attachment to the crate
  • Most owners found that with the right size bottle, the nozzle was drip-free
  • Helps to provide clean water when the owner is out of the home
  • Some found that being able to attach a big bottle meant they only had to refill their dog’s water once a day, which is particularly helpful for large breeds like Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, and Boxers.
  • Prevents spillage and mess that can occur when using a bowl, especially for playful dogs who move around a lot in their crate


  • Some owners found that the ball in the tip of the nozzle got stuck, making water spill out at times
  • Despite being ‘non-drip’, some found that drips still occur leaving a puddle
  • Some owners found that the nozzle wasn’t very durable
  • With the wrong sized bottle, the nozzle can fall over or be knocked off the crate easily
  • Some found the nozzle was too big for their dog

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Lixit Top Fill Dog Water Bottle, 44-oz review


  • Best for all breeds
  • Adjustable height and positioning
  • Flip-up lid for easy refill

The Lixit Top Fill Dog Water Bottle is a great option for all breeds, made with sturdy plastic and a stainless-steel tip. I found it was easy to attach to my dog’s crate with a plastic clamp that can be placed either inside or outside the crate. A flip-up lid makes this bottle easy to fill without having to remove it from the crate., which I found was much easier than having to take the bottle back and forth to the sink.


  • Owners found being able to refill the bottle without removing it very handy
  • Reduces splashing and spills that can occur with a bowl, especially with puppies and playful dogs who move around a lot while in their crate
  • Some owners found it helped to keep their dog more hydrated while they were out of the house
  • Many owners found that when attaching the bottle and not over-tightening the valve, the bottle was drip-free
  • Handy for travel and dog shows


  • Some owners found that this bottle leaked and dripped, making a mess in their dog’s crate
  • Some found that while attaching the bottle to the crate, the crate attachment was prone to breakage
  • Owners often found a problem with the seal in the tip and cap of the bottle
  • Some found that the crate attachment wasn’t strong enough for a full bottle of water, resulting in the bottle falling off regularly
  • Some found the bottle broke after a few weeks of use

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Things to Look for in a Dog Crate Water Bottle

Keeping a few things in mind on your search for the best dog crate water bottle will help you to make the right choice for your pup:

Ability to Provide Enough Water

Firstly, you will need the bottle to provide enough water for your dog. How much water your dog needs depends on a variety of factors, including your dog’s breed, age, size, and how long they will be left in their crate.

High-Quality Materials

Choosing high-quality materials ensures that your dog is getting the best, as well as making the bottle sturdier and therefore, likely to last longer. Most water bottles will state they’re made from BPA-free plastic and have a steel tip.

Attachment Style

Think about how you want to attach the bottle to the crate. Bottles will come with clamps, a wire attachment, or a plastic connecter. What you choose is a matter of preference; don’t forget to consider how likely your pup is to try to pull the bottle off the crate.

Ease of Installation

It’s always a good idea to check the description and the reviews to see how easy the installation is. Most will be simple and require few (if any) tools.


Look for bottles made from robust plastic and chew-proof nozzles, particularly if your dog is likely to try and chew things in their environment.

Ease of Cleaning

You’ll need to regularly clean your dog’s bottle to keep it hygienic. Some bottles need to be hand washed while others might go in the washing machine. Think about how easy the bottle is to clean and what will work best for you.

The Benefits of a Dog Crate Water Bottle

Dogs should have a constant supply of fresh water, but what are the benefits of using a dog crate water bottle rather than just a traditional bowl? Well, firstly dogs tend to make a mess when they drink (especially bigger dogs)! A water bottle is typically leak-free and means a lot less cleaning up for you.

Using a bowl in your dog’s crate can lead to spillage if they accidentally knock it, and it also takes up space. A crate water bottle doesn’t take up any space in the crate and prevents accidents.

Water bowls can easily get dirty, attracting dog hairs, mud, and other messy items. A water bottle ensures your dog’s water is completely clean. Water bottles can also make monitoring how much your dog is drinking easier, helping you to quickly spot any changes which could indicate a health issue.

Finally, if your dog travels in their crate, for example in the car, a water bowl isn’t practical. A water bottle allows your dog to have access to water even during travel.

Basic Tips for Training Your Dog to Use the Water Bottle

If your dog has never used a water bottle before it can be quite an alien concept to them, but don’t worry, with some help they will quickly get used to it. You can train your dog to use their new bottle following the tips below:

  • Install the bottle and allow them to have a sniff at it
  • Call them over and use your finger to show them how to get water from the bottle.
  • Allow them to sniff and lick at your fingers with the water on them, so they can make the connection between the bottle and water.
  • Encourage them to drink the water from the bottle.
  • If they drink from the bottle or even just lick at it, praise them, and give them a treat. You could introduce a command like ‘drink water’ if you choose.
  • You may need to repeat these steps a few times until they get the hang of it. Always leave water out in a bowl during training, so they don’t become dehydrated while they’re learning.

Dog Crate Water Bottle FAQ

Should you put water in your dog’s crate?

Some owners choose not to leave water in their dog’s crate overnight, which is personal preference. However, the rest of the time your dog should always have access to fresh water.

Are water bottles bad for dogs?

Water bottles made with high-quality materials are not bad for dogs. However, if your dog is prone to chewing and destroying things when they’re left alone, the bottle could pose a choking or blockage hazard so a bowl would be a better choice.

Where should you put the water bottle in the crate?

The bottle itself should be placed outside of the crate, with the tip going through the bars into the crate so your dog can access it. The tip should be a little bit higher than your dog’s head, so they can reach up to drink from it comfortably. You can experiment to see which height works best for your pup.

How much water do dogs need?

How much water a dog needs depends on so many factors, such as their age, breed, size, activity level, health, and the weather! There’s no 1 definitive answer so take some time to figure out how much your dog typically drinks before you buy a bottle. If you’re in doubt, more water is always better than your dog running out.


A crate water bottle has many advantages for both you and your dog. You can ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water all the time, and avoid any mess!

What is the Best Dog Crate Water Bottle?

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