5 Best Dog Foods For Bull Terriers

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best dog food for Bull Terriers.
We’ve compared quality of ingredients, nutritional information, and value for money
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What is the Best Dog Food for Bull Terriers?

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Bull Terrier Dog Food Reviews

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken & Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Chicken
    2. Chicken Meal
    3. Peas
    4. Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid)
    5. Tapioca

  • Type: Freeze-dried raw and kibble
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 508 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 37%
  • Fat: 20.5%
  • Fiber: 4%

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free offers the high quality nutrition Bull Terriers need from their diet to enjoy excellent health. A diet that places a high emphasis on protein, Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free is an extremely flavorful food formulation, taking its taste from the inclusion of both freeze-dried raw meat and pieces of kibble.

The foundation of this diet is chicken, a lean protein that is easy for Bull Terriers to digest well. Probiotics have been included to encourage healthy gut flora.

One of the best dog foods for Bull Terriers, Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free has enriched its omega 3 and 6 fatty acid content to provide the skin and coat support this sensitive breed needs. This diet is free from grains, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free is proudly manufactured in the United States.


  • Owners are pleased to report the transition from their dogs’ previous food to the new one proceeded seamlessly.
  • Dogs love the taste of this food. They look forward to their every meal and lick their bowls clean.
  • Owners shared their dogs were easily able to shed a few pounds then maintain a healthy body weight when fed a steady diet of Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free.
  • Dogs that suffered from recurring allergies found relief from their symptoms when fed a steady diet of this food.
  • Owners shared that dogs fed this diet had excellent stool quality.


  • Some owners noted that there is some inconsistency in the freeze-dried chicken pieces included in this diet. Sometimes small pieces of fillet are included and other times it is chicken chunks. Owners reported their dogs had difficulty breaking down the chunks of chicken.
  • Several owners felt this diet was a little on the pricey side.
  • Some owners prefer to feed their dogs a diet that includes some whole grains in its recipe. Instinct offers several foods that are grain-inclusive. These formulations may be a better choice for those dogs.
  • Some dogs are uninterested in this food and eat it only with reluctance. A different Instinct offering with another protein base may yield a different result.
  • A few dogs struggled with loose stools when fed this diet. This is most likely the result of too rapid a dietary change and will abate given more time.

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CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Salmon
    2. Salmon Meal
    3. Menhaden Fish Meal
    4. Sweet Potatoes
    5. Peas

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 496 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 32%
  • Fat: 18%
  • Fiber: 4%

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE provides all of the nutrition Bull Terriers need to thrive. This high quality food bases its foundation on salmon, a meat that is rich in the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids Bull Terriers need to support their skin and coat health.

A limited ingredient diet, CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE is well-suited to dogs that frequently suffer from poor digestion or sensitive skin or stomachs. One of the best dog foods for Bull Terriers, CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE is free from gluten, grains, wheat, or soy.

Probiotics have been included in this recipe to assist with fluid digestive processes and the development of healthy gut flora.


  • Owners like that this diet is calorie-dense, meaning they can feed less of it for their dogs to reach full eating satisfaction. This gives owners excellent value for their dog food dollar.
  • This diet is based on a very limited list of ingredients, all of which are of exceptional quality. This emphasis on a finite number of ingredients and the avoidance of the most common food allergens makes this diet a great choice for Bull Terriers suffering from allergies.
  • Dogs fed this diet on a consistent basis had normal bowel movements that were solid and well-formed.
  • Owners noted that dogs fed this diet regularly displayed coats that were soft, shiny, and healthy.
  • Dogs suffering with regular itchiness saw a return to well-hydrated, itch-free skin when fed a steady diet of CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE.


  • A few dogs had more frequent bowel movements and loose stool when fed this diet regularly. This may be a result of too rapid a transition period from the old diet to the new or a reaction to the increase in dietary fiber.
  • Some owners felt this diet is too expensive, making it difficult for them to afford to feed their dogs on an ongoing basis.
  • Several owners indicated there has recently been a substantial price increase for this food.
  • In rare cases, some owners noted inconsistency in the size, shape, and texture of the kibble in their bags of food.
  • Some dogs dislike the taste of this food and will not eat it. A different CANIDAE formulation may be a better choice for these dogs.

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Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Lamb
    2. Lamb Heart
    3. Lamb Tripe
    4. Lamb Liver
    5. Lamb Kidney

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 318 kcal/level scoop
  • Protein: 35%
  • Fat: 33%
  • Fiber: 2%

Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free is a high performance food that hits all the high points Bull Terriers need from their diet. Rated one of the best dog foods for Bull Terriers, Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free places a high emphasis on ingredients that are easy for dogs to process and utilize effectively, thus ensuring optimal nutrition.

The basis of this diet is lamb, the only protein source included in this food and one that is rich in amino acids to support strong muscle development. The lamb included in this food formulation has been carefully air-dried to kill any bacteria that could prove harmful to dogs. This process also ensures that no important nutrients are lost during drying.

Among the powerhouse ingredients included in Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free is green mussels, a food that is high in glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

Ziwi Peak contains no peas, legumes, grains, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat, rice, fillers, or preservatives.


  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs did very well on this diet, finding relief from their gastrointestinal distress.
  • Owners like that the air-dried meat pieces can easily be snapped into smaller pieces for use as treats without crumbling.
  • Most dogs love this food. Even the pickiest of eaters consumes their meals with hearty gusto.
  • Some owners like to use this food as a topper to encourage a better appetite in their dogs.
  • This diet is grain-free, making it a great choice for dogs with food-related allergies.


  • Some dogs found this diet bland and ate it only reluctantly. Their owners expressed they needed to add broth, a topper, or some meat to the food to encourage their dogs to eat it.
  • This diet is quite expensive, making it cost prohibitive for many owners.
  • Some owners feel the pieces of food in this diet are too large for use in meals. They utilize the air-dried meat pieces for treats instead.
  • Several owners were disappointed that this food has recently seen a price increase.
  • A few owners indicated they found the smell of this food strong and off putting.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Deboned Chicken
    2. Chicken Meal (source of Glucosamine)
    3. Peas
    4. Pea Protein
    5. Tapioca Starch

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 409 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 34%
  • Fat: 15%
  • Fiber: 6%

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free has been carefully crafted to deliver all of the nutrition dogs like the Bull Terrier need to enjoy an active lifestyle. Chicken is the main protein found in this diet, a meat that is included in its whole form and that is prized for its ease of digestibility.

Naturally grain-free, Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a diet that takes its carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants to support good digestion and a prosperous immune system. One of the best dog foods for Bull Terriers, the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid content has been primed to encourage coat and skin health in this sensitive breed.

LIfeSource Bits have been added to support optimal digestion and to boost immunity.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free contains no by-producsts, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives, making it an excellent choice for Bull Terriers that suffer from skin irritations related to foods.


  • Owners shared that dogs that suffered from ongoing itchiness found permanent relief from this ailment when fed a consistent diet of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free.
  • A grain-free diet, owners feel that this food is a great choice for Bull Terriers struggling with food related allergies.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free is available in a wide variety of flavors, providing owners with more options for their dogs’ meals.
  • This diet is available at a reasonable price point, giving owners great nutrition for an affordable cost.
  • Dogs enjoy the taste of this food, looking forward to their every meal with great anticipation.


  • A few dogs struggled with mild gastrointestinal distress after being fed this diet. This may be the result of too rapid a dietary change or could possibly be a sensitivity to one of the food’s ingredients.
  • This diet contains LifeSource Bits. Some dogs really dislike the taste of them and will pick them out of their meals and refuse to eat them.
  • Some dogs had more frequent bowel movements when fed a steady diet of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free. This may be from the increase in dietary fiber in this food.
  • In rare cases, some dogs disliked this food and would not eat it. Another Blue Buffalo Wilderness offering with a different protein base may be a better option for these dogs.
  • Some owners dislike that this diet is grain-free, preferring to feed a diet that includes nutritious whole grains in its formula.

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Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Adult Large Breed Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Deboned Lamb
    2. Lamb Meal
    3. Chickpeas
    4. Dried Potatoes
    5. Dried Sweet Potato

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 475 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 20%
  • Fat: 13%
  • Fiber: 3.5%

Nutro LID Grain-Free Adult is a diet that has been crafted with the needs of large breeds like the Bull Terrier in mind. This food prioritizes the use of ingredients that are unlikely to trigger skin or stomach sensitivities. To this end, its ingredients list is quite limited.

The main protein in this food is lamb. Lamb is a high quality meat that is typically easy for dogs to digest well. It is also packed with the essential nutrients Bull Terriers need to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Glucosamine and chondroitin have been added to this powerhouse food to support healthy joint functionality. Nutro LID Grain-Free Adult is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, all ingredients which are well-known for causing skin irritations in the Bull Terrier.

This exceptional quality food is crafted in the United States.

With so many nutritional benefits to offer, it is not difficult to see why Nutro LID Grain-Free Adult has ranked among the best dog foods for Bull Terriers.


  • Owners commented that dogs suffering from itchy skin and hot spots found relief and a return to healthy skin when fed this diet consistently.
  • Owners like that this diet is based on a limited list of high quality ingredients. This approach to nutrition makes this diet the ideal choice for Bull Terriers with allergies.
  • Even picky eaters love this diet, looking forward to their every meal.
  • Nutro LID Grain-Free Adult is available in several different flavors. This gives owners the opportunity to give their dogs lots of variety in their daily meals.
  • Owners love that Nutro LID Grain-Free Adult is very reasonably priced.


  • Some owners expressed they felt this diet was a little on the costly side.
  • Some dogs are uninterested in this food and eat it only with great hesitation. A change to a different Nutro food with a different protein may pique these dogs’ appetites.
  • In rare cases, some dogs struggled to release their anal glands when fed this diet regularly. This may be the result of the change in dietary fiber from the old diet to the new.
  • A few owners indicated they would prefer to feed their dogs a diet that includes nutritious whole grains in its recipe, believing these ingredients are key to dogs achieving ideal digestion.
  • This diet does not contain any supplements to assist with optimal joint health in the Bull Terrier.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Bull Terriers

The distinctive egg-shaped head of the Bull Terrier makes the breed easily recognizable in any crowd. A dog breed renowned for its clumsy, comical ways, it’s hard not to love this stubborn yet sweet natured pooch.

The Bull Terrier traces its roots to 1835 when it was the result of an intentional breeding between the now extinct English Terrier and the Bulldog. Over time, the breed was further refined through planned crosses to the Spanish Pointer to improve the dog’s physical size and provide an appearance that was more masculine in nature.

Originally used as fighting dogs, the breed later became a status symbol for elegant gentlemen during the 19th century. The Bull Terriers of today are loving family companions that are essentially low maintenance dogs, requiring very little grooming though regular exercise is a must.

The Bull Terrier is a breed of immense power and muscle, and thus, requires a diet of exceptional quality to thrive. The breed is well known to have skin sensitivities due to the shortness of their coat. Because of this, hotspots often occur that require regular treatment. Experts agree that one of the leading causes of skin irritation in the Bull Terrier can be traced to artificial flavors and colors in dog foods, and thus, they must be avoided.

Bull Terriers have certain physical conditions the breed can be predisposed to. A high quality diet can help support the Bull Terrier’s health and wellness, and in some cases, can help prevent or eliminate potential health problems.

Among the ailments that can befall Bull Terriers are:

  • Deafness
  • Heart disease
  • Skin problems
  • Spinning (an obsessive behavioral disorder)

Though diet alone cannot necessarily thwart predisposed genetic illness, the best dog foods for Bull Terriers can provide a vital help in maintaining the dog’s best possible health.

Choosing the Correct Calorie Count for Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers enjoy an active lifestyle and require a diet that can provide them with the energy they need each day. Determining precisely how much of the best dog food for Bull Terriers to feed a dog will take some trial and error. The best course of action is to consult the suggested serving size on the bag of food and use this as a baseline measurement.

It will be necessary to adjust the Bull Terrier’s portions by increasing or decreasing the amounts until the correct serving size is determined. Free feeding is very strongly discouraged as this breed can and will overeat if given opportunity to do so. As a general rule of thumb, a dog’s appetite and weight can serve as helpful guidelines in discovering appropriate meal sizes for the Bull Terrier.

Bull Terriers should receive a diet that consists of 18 percent protein and 5 percent fat at a minimum. Slightly higher percentages are also acceptable.

Dietary Requirements for Bull Terrier Dog Foods

Bull Terriers are carnivores. To this end, the best dog foods for Bull Terriers should be based on a meat. Lean meats are the best choice, but meat meals also offer all of the nutrition the breed needs to enjoy good health.

Because the Bull Terrier is prone to skin and stomach sensitivities, it is best to avoid diets that contain by-products or plant-based proteins like soy, corn, and wheat. Also, any food that contains artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives must be left on the shelf as Bull Terriers are highly susceptible to developing skin irritations from eating these types of diets.

Carbohydrates are an important part of the Bull Terrier’s diet. The emphasis on any carbohydrate included in a high quality food for this breed is its ease of digestibility and high antioxidant content. Carbohydrates can come from whole grains, fruits, or vegetables with their main role being encouraging healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

Healthy fats are of particular importance to the Bull Terrier. Not only do they help fuel the breed’s energy reserves, but they also promote skin and coat health, something that is critical to dogs that suffer from recurring irritations of the skin. The best sources for healthy fats are animal-based and include such foods as chicken fat and oily fish like mackerel, salmon, herring, anchovies, and sardines.

Supplements can help provide support for many of the Bull Terrier’s systems. The most beneficial ingredients to look for include glucosamine, chondroitin, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Things to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Bull Terriers

Here is a basic list of the most important things to look for in a food for a Bull Terrier:

  • Whole proteins heading up the ingredients list
  • Prepared without the addition of chemicals, flavorings, fillers, or mystery ingredients
  • Enriched with probiotics and helpful supplements
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced food

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