5 Best Dog Foods For Bullmastiffs

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best dog food for Bullmastiffs.
We’ve compared quality of ingredients, nutritional information, and value for money
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What is the Best Dog Food for Bullmastiffs?

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Bullmastiff Dog Food Reviews

Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Turkey
    2. Turkey Meal
    3. Salmon
    4. Lamb Meal
    5. Duck Meal

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 415 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 32%
  • Fat: 18%
  • Fiber: 4.5%

Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein is a premium tier food that offers all of the nutrition that Bullmastiffs need to enjoy excellent health and wellness. This diet prioritizes a high protein formulation from diverse sources including turkey, turkey meal, salmon, lamb meal, and duck meal. This emphasis ensures a wide serving of amino acids to fuel strong and healthy muscles.

Considered to be one of the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs available for purchase today, Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein is a food formulation that is rich in essential fatty acids to support coat and skin health. A grain-free diet, Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein also contains no corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chicken, all foods that have been linked to food sensitivities in dogs.

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CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Salmon
    2. Salmon Meal
    3. Menhaden Fish Meal
    4. Sweet Potatoes
    5. Peas

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 496 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 32%
  • Fat: 18%
  • Fiber: 4%

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE is a high performance diet that delivers big on the nutrition that large breeds like the Bullmastiff need. The primary ingredient in this diet is salmon, a meat that is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to fuel strong energy reserves and support coat and skin health.

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE is a diet based on limited ingredients, making it well suited to dogs that suffer from skin or stomach sensitivities. This diet is free from gluten, corn, wheat, soy, and grain. To promote good digestion, a probiotic has also been included in this recipe.

With so many nutritional benefits to offer, it is not hard to see why CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE earns top marks as one of the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs on the market today.

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Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Lamb
    2. Lamb Heart
    3. Lamb Tripe
    4. Lamb Liver
    5. Lamb Kidney

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 318 kcal/level scoop
  • Protein: 35%
  • Fat: 33%
  • Fiber: 2%

For one of the very best dog foods for Bullmastiffs, families can’t go wrong with selecting Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free to feed their dog. This exceptional food formulation is expensive to purchase; however, it is nutrient dense, meaning families need to feed far less of it to achieve the best results in their dog. This maximizes the food’s value.

Comprised of ingredients taken from the best sources around the world, Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free offers owners the chance to feed their dogs nothing but the very best. This diet is based on a single protein: lamb. Obtained from New Zealand, the lamb in this diet has been air-dried to preserve the flavor while not succumbing to any loss of nutrients from processing.

Green mussels have been added to this diet to provide a natural support for joint health. Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free contains no peas, legumes, grains, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat, rice, fillers, or preservatives.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Chicken
    2. Turkey
    3. Chicken Meal (Source Of Glucosamine Hydrochloride And Chondroitin Sulfate)
    4. Turkey Meal
    5. Cracked Pearled Barley

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 374 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 23%
  • Fat: 12%
  • Fiber: 5%

Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed offers families the opportunity to feed an exceptional quality food at a very reasonable price point. This diet places a high emphasis on fulfilling the nutritional needs of large breed dogs. It includes several easily digestible protein sources including chicken, turkey, chicken meal, and turkey meal, all viable sources of the amino acids required for a healthy body.

To support the joints of this large breed, glucosamine and chondroitin have been added to this recipe. This food contains no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, earning it a spot on the list of the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs.

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Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Lamb, Brown Rice & Pearled Barley Recipe Whole Grain Adult Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Lamb
    2. Lamb Meal
    3. Brown Rice
    4. Pearled Barley
    5. Oatmeal

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 335 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 22%
  • Fat: 10%
  • Fiber: 4%

Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken, considered to be one of the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs, is a top shelf food that delivers big on both nutrition and value. This diet includes whole grains that were selected for their high fiber content to encourage excellent digestion in the Bullmastiff.

To ensure a vital support for fluid digestion, a probiotic has been included in this diet.

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How to Select the Best Dog Food for Bullmastiffs

The Bullmastiff is considered to be a large breed dog, and thus, needs a high quality diet to remain healthy and well. This working breed was once employed as a guardian of its master’s home and hearth, scaring away poachers that threatened to steal from its family’s game.

A dog of intimidating proportions and demeanor, the Bullmastiff is actually very gentle and possesses a soft and loving heart. Though the breed is exceptionally large, it still believes it is a lap dog and is happiest cuddled up beside its family members on the couch. The Bullmastiff is devoted to its family but is naturally wary of strangers, a trait that stands the breed well in its role as a watchdog.

The Bullmastiff is not an overly active dog, and thus, can be prone to gaining weight. To prevent this from occurring, it is recommended that the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs be carefully measured and all intake monitored.

Since the Bullmastiff is known to develop bloat, owners are encouraged to feed a diet that has been specifically designed for large breed dogs. Though at this time it is not known what factors must combine for bloat to occur, it is generally accepted that eating too much and too quickly may contribute to this problem.

The Bullmastiff does best on a diet that contains a minimum of 18 percent protein and 5 percent fat.

Choosing the Correct Calorie Count for Bullmastiffs

As a breed that is not overly active, it is vitally important to choose the correct calorie count in the best dog foods for Bullmastiffs. Thankfully, AAFCO regulations insist that all commercially prepared diets must list suggested serving sizes on their packaging. These suggestions are an excellent place to start.

The amount of food given to a Bullmastiff will largely depend on the dog’s activity level, age, weight, and appetite. Start with the suggested serving size and make the necessary adjustments until the correct portion size is found.

It is recommended that the Bullmastiff be fed smaller portions of food several times throughout the day as opposed to two large helpings morning and night. This will help to prevent excessive hunger that can lead to overeating and/or gulping of food.

Dietary Requirements for Bullmastiff Dog Foods

The Bullmastiff is a carnivore. As such, this breed requires a diet that takes a lean meat as its primary ingredient. The best dog foods for Bullmastiffs include a whole meat as their foundation; however, meat meals are also acceptable. By-products are not of sufficient quality to fuel this large breed and its unique nutritional needs.

Plant-based proteins such as corn, wheat, and soy are common allergens for many dogs. Diets that contain these items are best avoided. In addition to this, foods that include such ingredients as chemicals, additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors offer no nutritional benefit to the Bullmastiff. These are best left on the shelf.

Carbohydrates are an important part of the Bullmastiff’s diet, providing support for good digestion and a healthy immune system. So long as the dog has not expressed any previous food sensitivities, the Bullmastiff can eat a grain-inclusive or grain-free diet without any ill effects. Carbohydrates can come from whole grains, fruits, or vegetables with the main priority of any included ingredient being its fiber and carbohydrate content.

Healthy fats help the Bullmastiff to enjoy coat and skin health as well as excellent reserves of energy. The best sources for these items are animal-based such as chicken fat and oily fish; however, plant oils such as safflower and canola also pack a powerhouse punch of essential fatty acids.

Supplements help a diet to work its most efficiently. The most beneficial supplements for Bullmastiffs include glucosamine, chondroitin, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Things to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Bullmastiffs

Here is a basic list of the most important things to look for in the best food for a Bullmastiff:

  • Lean meat proteins heading up the ingredients list

The Bullmastiff requires a diet that is rich in meat to thrive. These are best included in their whole form; however, meat meals are also acceptable.

It is best to avoid foods that include by-products and plant-based proteins such as corn, wheat, and soy. 

  • Prepared without the addition of chemicals, flavorings, fillers, or mystery ingredients

Chemicals, fillers, artificial flavorings and colorings, and mystery ingredients provide no nutritional benefit to a Bullmastiff. Diets which include any of these items in their formulations are not suitable for the needs of this highly active breed. 

  • Enriched with probiotics and helpful supplements

The Bullmastiff can greatly benefit from a diet that includes helpful supplements. The best ones to look for in a diet for this large breed are prebiotics, probiotics, glucosamine, and chondroitin. 

  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced food

All foods appropriate for the Bullmastiff should bear the AAFCO seal of approval, indicating it meets the standards for a complete and balanced food.

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