5 Best Dog Foods For Hypothyroidism (2022)

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best food for dogs with hypothyroidism.
We’ve compared quality of ingredients, nutritional information, and value for money
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What is the Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism?

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Vet’s Advice

If your vet has diagnosed hypothyroidism in your pet, then medication can help with this condition. There is no specific diet for hypothyroidism but making sure your dog is on a good quality complete dog food can help. It is worth looking out for the following when choosing a diet for your hypothyroid dog.

Good quality protein sources

Choose a diet with high quality whole meat or meal meat protein sources making up at least 18% of the dry matter content of the food. Protein helps to maintain lean muscle mass as well as providing essential amino acids for growth and repair.

Note, the protein on the pet food label will be as-fed, not dry matter. To compare it, you’ll need to convert it to a dry matter basis here.

Consider a diet for weight loss

Many dogs will improve once their medication starts as their metabolism increases again. Choosing a calorie-controlled diet can further help your dog shift that extra weight. Make sure you feed your dog an appropriate amount for their ideal bodyweight and consider help from your veterinary clinic on how to best manage weight loss in your hypothyroid dog.

Look for omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are usually found in ingredients like fish oil, or linseed oil, which help improve skin and coat condition which can be useful in hypothyroid dogs prone to scurfy skin. These fatty acids have other benefits elsewhere in the body, such as the joints and heart too.

Iodine is important for thyroid health

To produce thyroxine, the body requires iodine. Most good quality commercial diets will automatically contain appropriate levels of iodine, but it is something to be aware of generally. Looking for a food with the AAFCO statement will help to ensure your dog is getting sufficient iodine in his diet.

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Compare Our Recommended Dog Foods

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  • Top 5 Ingredients
  • Type
  • Lifestage
  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
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Hypothyroidism Dog Food Reviews

Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Adult Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Chicken
    2. Chicken Liver
    3. Dried Egg Product
    4. Oatmeal
    5. Pearled Barley

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 403 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 25%
  • Fat: 15%
  • Fiber: 5%

Halo Holistic is a diet of exceptional quality that contains many beneficial ingredients to help support the health of dogs suffering from hypothyroidism. A diet that is largely based on poultry, Halo Holistic includes a healthy serving of chicken liver in its formulation, a protein that provides an excellent boost to support optimal thyroid function.

This diet is rich in flavor, making it attractive to dogs that suffer from poor appetite. It is nutrient-dense to support the maintenance of a healthy weight. Though this diet does include some whole grains in its recipe, they are easily digestible and high in fiber. Carbohydrates in the form of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, and carrots have also been included to support a strong immune system.

This food is free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It has also been fortified by the addition of DreamCoat, a supplement that is heavy in essential fatty acids to encourage healthy coat and skin.

A powerful support for dogs suffering with poor thyroid function, it is easy to see why Halo Holistic is among the best dog foods for hypothyroidism.


  • Owners are pleased to report that even the pickiest of dogs loves this diet, consuming their meals with hearty enthusiasm.
  • Dogs that struggled with poor stool quality saw a return to normal stool consistency when fed Halo Holistic on a regular basis.
  • Owners love that this diet is grain-inclusive. They believe that whole grains play an important part in their dogs achieving ideal digestion.
  • Dogs that previously experienced recurring gastrointestinal distress found complete relief when fed a steady diet of this food.
  • Owners feel this diet is reasonably priced, especially given its excellent quality nutrition.


  • Some dogs dislike the taste of this food and will not eat it. This is most likely simply a matter of preference.
  • Owners expressed the price of this diet fluctuates regularly. They would prefer a consistent price point, so they know how much to budget for their dog food purchases monthly.
  • In rare cases, some dogs suffered from loose stool and had more frequent bowel movements when fed a steady diet of Halo Holistic. This may be the result of a sensitivity to one of the ingredients or too rapid a dietary change.
  • Owners were unhappy that the amount of food in their bags has decreased while the price remained the same.
  • This diet contains peas, chickpeas, soy protein concentrate, and pea fiber, all ingredients of questionable nutritional value for dogs. Soy protein concentrate itself is a common allergen for many dogs.

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Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey, Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver Formula Canned Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Chicken
    2. Turkey
    3. Chicken Broth
    4. Chicken Liver
    5. Turkey Liver

  • Type: Wet food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 446 kcal/can
  • Protein: 12%
  • Fat: 8%
  • Fiber: 0.5%

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Canned Food is a wet meal with the taste and nutrition to keep dogs suffering from hypothyroidism feeling satisfied, healthy, and well. Wellness CORE, a diet that has been rated one of the best dog foods for hypothyroidism, bases its recipe upon five different protein sources including chicken liver, a powerhouse food to support increased thyroid function.

Mineral levels have been optimized to encourage a healthy immune system and a thriving metabolism. The carbohydrates included in this diet are derived from high-fiber, antioxidant-dense fruits and vegetables with a heavy emphasis on greens. These items support good digestion and a strong immune system to fight disease.

Coat and hair quality is supported through the addition of fish oils and flaxseed.


  • Owners noted their dogs had better energy levels when fed this diet consistently.
  • This diet is particularly good for dogs that struggle with mouth pain or that are recovering from dental surgery.
  • Dogs that consistently ate this food for their regular meals had excellent coat quality. Their fur was healthy, soft, and shiny.
  • Dogs love the taste of this food. They look forward to their every meal with great enthusiasm.
  • Several owners indicated that they found the smell of this food was not strong or off putting in any way.


  • A few owners disliked that a can opener had to be used to open these cans of food. They would prefer a can that has a pop top for ease of use.
  • Several owners wondered if the formula for this food had recently changed. They found the consistency of this diet to be different than what they were accustomed to.
  • A few people expressed that they found the cans were difficult to open.
  • Several owners indicated they would prefer to feed a diet that is grain-inclusive. These owners felt that whole grains played an important role in helping their dogs achieve ideal digestion.
  • In rare cases, some dogs experienced loose stools when fed this diet. This may be the result of too rapid a dietary change.

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Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Herring Meal
    2. Peas
    3. Dried Eggs
    4. Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)
    5. Tapioca

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 400 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 32%
  • Fat: 19%
  • Fiber: 4%

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch is a food of exceptional quality that is packed with powerhouse ingredients to support the health of dogs with hypothyroidism. This diet’s protein is largely derived from herring meal, a meat that is dense to provide eating satisfaction and that also is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to encourage healthy skin and coat. These fish proteins promote excellent digestion.

Earthborn Holistic is a grain-free food. Fruits and vegetables that are high-fiber and antioxidant-dense have been included to support optimal digestive processes and the development of a strong immune system to fight disease.

With its high emphasis on easily digestible ingredients, Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch is rated as one of the best foods for dogs with hypothyroidism and sensitive stomachs.


  • Dogs that regularly struggled with loose stools saw a return to normal stool consistency when fed a steady diet of Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch.
  • Owners were pleased to report that their dogs that had issues with consistent itching and licking as a result of allergies found complete relief when transitioned to this diet.
  • Dogs fed this diet consistently had improved energy levels. Their owners were pleased to share that their dogs were more playful than ever before.
  • Owners indicated that their dogs who regularly had dry skin saw great improvements when fed Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch. After a steady diet of this food, their skin became well-hydrated and was completely free from dandruff.
  • Most dogs really enjoy the taste of this food. It is highly flavorful, encouraging dogs to eat with hearty abandon.


  • A few owners noted that this dog food smells very strongly of fish. Since this recipe is based on fish proteins, that is to be expected.
  • Several owners noted that the amount of kibble in their bags has decreased while the price has remained the same.
  • Some dogs disliked the taste of this food and would not eat it.
  • In rare cases, some dogs had loose stools when fed this diet. This may be the result of a sensitivity to one of the ingredients in the food or too rapid a dietary change. Most often, this problem will resolve given more time.
  • A few people expressed that they found this food was quite costly.

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Forza10 Nutraceutic Sensitive Digestion Grain-Free Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Anchovy Meal
    2. Peas
    3. Fava Beans
    4. Pork Meal
    5. Fish Oil (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 374 kCal/cup
  • Protein: 30%
  • Fat: 15.6%
  • Fiber: 3.7%

Forza10 Nutraceutic Sensitive Digestion has been specifically formulated to address the digestive needs of dogs like those suffering from hypothyroidism. Maintaining excellent digestion is an important component of ongoing good health in dogs with thyroid issues. Forza10 accomplishes this through its grain-free formulation which is rich in highly nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Anchovy meal is the primary ingredient in this food, a meat meal that is full of flavor and that is rich in vital omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Forza10 was designed to assist dogs suffering from a number of different health ailments including hypothyroidism. Though its emphasis is on promoting overall health, it still maintains the taste that dogs are looking for in their meals, making it easily one of the best foods for dogs with hypothyroidism.


  • Dogs suffering from allergies did exceptionally well on this diet, finding relief from their itching, licking, and poor digestion.
  • Owners are pleased to report that their dogs’ stool quality greatly improved when fed a steady diet of Forza10 Nutraceutic Sensitive Digestion.
  • Owners shared that their dogs really enjoy the taste of this food. They eat their meals heartily, and owners do not need to add anything to the dry food to encourage their dogs’ appetite.
  • Dogs with gas problems saw a return to normal digestion and a reduction in flatulence with a change to Forza10 Nutraceutic Sensitive Digestion.
  • Owners noted their dogs were easily able to maintain a healthy body weight when fed this diet regularly and in correct portion sizes.


  • A few owners shared they felt this diet was too expensive to feed their dogs on a regular basis.
  • In rare cases, dogs with gastrointestinal distress were unable to find relief when fed this diet consistently.
  • Some dogs disliked the taste of this food and would not eat it.
  • This diet contains both peas and hydrolyzed potato protein. Both of these ingredients are of questionable nutritional value and may be linked to such health problems as rapidly elevated blood sugar levels and lowered fertility.
  • This diet contains no supplements to support joint health in dogs.

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Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Trout & Salmon Meal Dry Dog Food review

At a Glance

  • Top 5 Ingredients:
    1. Trout
    2. Salmon Meal
    3. Chickpeas
    4. Peas
    5. Sunflower Oil

  • Type: Dry food
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 382 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 31%
  • Fat: 14%
  • Fiber: 4%

Zignature LID Grain-Free Trout & Salmon Meal is a limited ingredient diet that has been optimized to meet the needs of dogs suffering with hypothyroidism. A grain-free food, Zignature’s carbohydrates come from excellent quality fruits and vegetables to boost digestion and immunity. Its main proteins are trout and salmon, two highly flavorable meats that also contribute a powerhouse punch of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help assist with coat and skin health.

Zignature contains no corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chicken, making it a good choice for dogs expressing sensitivities to any of these items. It is an excellent choice for families looking for the best food for dogs with both hypothyroidism and sensitive stomachs.


  • Dogs love the taste of this food. They lap up every morsel in their bowl and look forward to their every meal.
  • Dogs suffering with upset stomachs found relief when consistently fed Zignature LID Grain-Free Trout and Salmon Meal.
  • Owners noted that dogs with allergies saw complete alleviation of their symptoms when fed this diet regularly.
  • Owners like that this food comes in several different flavors. They are pleased they can offer their dogs some variety in their meals without having to sacrifice any nutritional quality.
  • Owners love the packaging this kibble comes in, feeling it keeps the food fresh and safe from mites and other bugs.


  • A few owners indicated they thought this food may be high in salt. Their dogs’ thirst increased dramatically when fed this diet regularly.
  • Several owners felt this food was quite costly.
  • In rare cases, some dogs struggled with excess gas when fed a steady diet of this food. This may be the result of a food sensitivity or too rapid a dietary change for the dog’s system.
  • In a few instances, some owners disliked this food’s packaging, feeling it was thin and prone to tearing easily.
  • A few owners mentioned their dogs’ coat seemed dull when fed this diet on an ongoing basis.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a serious health condition that affects many dogs. The thyroid, an important gland, is situated along the dog’s neck. Its primary role is to secrete hormones to help many critical bodily functions to operate correctly. Hypothyroidism occurs when the gland ceases producing the correct amount of these essential hormones, and as a result, the body is no longer able to function normally.

There are many different symptoms that can indicate a dog may be suffering from a thyroid issue such as hypothyroidism. Among the most common problems seen are thin or dull coat, frequent shedding, thickened and scaly skin, fatigue, weight gain, intolerance to cold, and excessive hunger.

It is important to note that though diet can help dogs suffering from hypothyroidism, a change in nutrition must also be accompanied by synthetic hormone medications from a veterinarian. The most commonly prescribed drug treatment for this condition is levothyroxine. Though hypothyroidism is not typically fatal, it is not curable, requiring lifelong treatment.

Veterinarians suggest a number of different options to help alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism including supplements and a high-quality diet that is free from any filler foods and artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

Hypothyroidism is a genetic condition that can be exacerbated by stress in the home, certain types of food, and even overvaccination. It is also possible that some dogs exhibiting new behavioral problems including severe anxiety may be suffering from hypothyroidism.

Feeding a dog the best dog food for hypothyroidism can be a great help in combating the negative effects of this disease.

Choosing the Correct Calorie Count for Dogs with Hypothyroidism

Since dogs suffering with hypothyroidism often experience an increased appetite, it is important to select a high-quality food that is filling to prevent overeating from occurring. Exceptional care must be taken to ensure a dog with thyroid issues is not fed too much as obesity can lead to further health problems for the dog to battle. Measure all food and monitor all intake to prevent the dog from becoming overweight.

Most foods that are high in fiber and comprised of excellent quality ingredients are well-suited to the needs of a dog with hypothyroidism. To determine how much of the best food for dogs with hypothyroidism to feed a dog, it is a good idea to use the suggested serving size on the bag of food as a guideline. This can be adjusted to reflect the dog’s activity level and weight. However, for dogs whose appetite seems to rage out of control, it is a better idea to add something low calorie to the food for additional bulk and nutrition such as pumpkin, carrots, or green beans than to increase portion sizes.

For dogs that are overweight, increased exercise is preferable to reducing portion sizes if possible.

Some dogs will experience a loss of appetite and getting them to eat to maintain a good body condition can be very challenging. To encourage dogs with a decreased appetite to eat, it is important to select a high-quality food that is extremely flavorful.

Dietary Requirements for Dogs with Hypothyroidism

Since hypothyroidism has a genetic component, there are some dog breeds that are naturally predisposed to developing the condition. These include such dog types as Irish Setters, Boxers, Dachshunds, Airedale Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Doberman Pinschers, and Miniature Schnauzers. However, just as not all of these breeds will succumb to hypothyroidism, there are many not on this list that will develop the disease during their lifetime.

Dogs suffering from hypothyroidism need a diet that will provide them with the daily energy they need. Since weight gain is a common symptom of the disease, it is important that a food selected for a dog with thyroid issues is filled with optimal quality ingredients.

To help dogs with hypothyroidism to build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, animal-based proteins are necessary. It is best to select a food that has lean, whole meats as their primary ingredient if possible.  Meat meals are also acceptable. By-products, particularly from beef, have been linked to exacerbating the disease, and thus should be avoided.

Plant-based proteins such as soy, corn, and wheat can also negatively impact hypothyroidism in dogs but are also of very poor nutritional value and are difficult to digest well. Any diets containing these ingredients cannot be considered among the best dog foods for hypothyroidism.

Healthy fats are an important part of any diet for a dog with hypothyroidism. These are best derived from animal sources and include such beneficial ingredients as salmon oil and chicken fat. These fats help to combat the symptoms of hypothyroidism such as dry, flaky skin. They also contribute vital energy to keep dogs with this condition primed for daily exercise.

Carbohydrates are a critical component to achieving health and wellness in a dog with hypothyroidism. High fiber and the correct vitamins are best found in excellent quality, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. These easy to digest carbohydrates help provide dogs with the energy they need while promoting a healthy digestive tract. The vitamins found in the fruits and vegetables assist with strong immunity and continued good health.

When it comes to one superfood for dogs with hypothyroidism, liver from a lean animal source is key. Liver is filled with the nutrients needed to boost compromised thyroid function in affected dogs. Liver from such animals as chicken or turkey is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, folic acid, and iron; all critical vitamins and nutrients to support an ailing thyroid.

The addition of iodine to a food is a great way to encourage the thyroid to produce hormones organically. This can also be purchased from a pharmacy and fed orally. This should only be done under the advice of a veterinarian who can also provide the correct dosage.

There are a few ingredients that should be avoided in a food for dogs suffering from thyroid problems. Fillers are poor quality for any dog, but in dogs with autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism, it is even more critical that they not eat a diet which contains them. Likewise, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives should be avoided.

Most dogs with thyroid issues also have difficulty digesting foods that are heavy in grains that are rich in gluten. Avoid these diets and stick to something rich in fruits and vegetables to encourage good digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

Since disruption of appetite is a common side effect of hypothyroidism, selecting a food that is high in flavor is very important to help encourage dogs with this disease to eat heartily.

Any food suited for the need of an adult dog with or without hypothyroidism should contain a minimum of 18 percent protein and 5 percent fat.

Things to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism

Here is a basic list of the most important things to look for in a dog food for hypothyroidism:

  • Whole meat or meat meal proteins heading up the ingredients list
  • Prepared without the addition of chemicals, flavorings, fillers, or mystery ingredients
  • Enriched with probiotics and helpful supplements
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced food
  • Does not contain beef by-products
  • Includes a poultry-based liver if possible

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