5 Best Dog Treat Dispensing Cameras (2022 Review)

Being away from your precious pup is hard, but unfortunately it’s a necessary part of most peoples day. Being able to check on your dog via camera can be reassuring and help to keep them safe. Add being able to give your dog a treat whenever you like, no matter where you are, and things get even better! Treat dispensing cameras have so many benefits for both dog and owner.

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What is the Best Dog Treat Dispensing Camera?

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Comparing the Best Dog Treat Dispensing Camera


  • Best overall
  • Excellent camera quality and features
  • Bark alerts and ability to record

  • Best for video recording
  • Automatically records at sound or movement
  • HD camera quality

  • Most affordable option
  • Lower in price
  • Fantastic basic features

  • Best for meal feeding
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • 720p HD quality camera

  • Best for additional features
  • Laser game and sound effects
  • Can connect with other Pawbo accessories

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More Detailed Dog Treat Dispensing Camera Reviews

Furbo Full HD Wifi Dog Treat Dispenser & Camera review


  • Best overall
  • Excellent camera quality and features
  • Bark alerts and ability to record

The Furbo Full HD Wifi Dog Treat Dispenser & Camera is 1 of the best dog treat dispensing cameras available. Well known for a reason, this camera has a 160-degree wide-angle view, night vision and a 4x zoom, allowing you to keep a close eye on your furbaby from your phone. The camera provides 1080p HD quality and can record videos of your dog, so you can capture those cute moments to re-watch later.

With 2-way audio, you can hear your dog and talk to them from wherever you are (something I found very reassuring). The camera will alert you if your dog is barking, so you can check-in and make sure they’re ok. With the ability to hold 100 treats, you can reward your pup whenever you feel like it.

This camera is straightforward to set up and operate. While it’s on the higher end of the price range, in my opinion, it’s well worth the investment.


  • Many owners felt this camera gave them peace of mind when leaving their dog alone
  • Activity alerts and ability to reward good behavior with treats are helpful during puppy training
  • Video quality is high, which many owners were very pleased with
  • Some found that the camera helped their anxious dog to feel more settled when they were out
  • Many owners enjoyed the option of taking pictures and videos of their pup to look at later
  • Some owners used the camera to let loved ones who live far away connect with their dogs, which they found joyful for all involved


  • Some owners found getting the placement of the camera correct difficult, especially when their dog was enclosed in a pen or specific area
  • Some found the camera was alerting them to activity, yet they didn’t see any activity when they checked the app
  • Some felt that the camera was not worth the investment, given its high price
  • Some features are only available via a paid subscription to the Furbo app, which some owners weren’t happy about
  • Owners occasionally reported that they had trouble with the setup and connectivity of the app and camera

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Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser review


  • Best for video recording
  • Automatically records at sound or movement
  • HD camera quality

The Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser is a brilliant choice, especially if you want to record those precious moments you might otherwise miss (as many of us do). The camera will automatically record your beloved pal when it detects sound or movement, as well as sending you an alert. Equipped with 1080p HD camera quality, night vision, and 2-way audio, you won’t miss a moment.

You can interact with your pup and toss them a treat or set up automatic treat-dispensing ahead of time. The camera can hold 1.5lbs of treats, and you even get a complimentary bag of treats with your purchase!

Amazon’s Alexa is built into this camera, so you can play your dog relaxing music or their favorite sounds. This camera is at the top end of the price range, but with so many amazing features, I feel it’s well worth the extra money.


  • Good sound and quality, with owners feeling it was good value
  • Owners enjoyed being able to vary the distance of treat-throwing, finding it kept things interesting for themselves and their dogs
  • Activity alerts help to keep dogs safe and allow owners to deal with any issues quickly
  • Some owners stated that the camera set-up was very straightforward
  • Owners appreciated being able to let family members who live far away check in on their dogs and interact with them
  • Some stated that the 2-way audio was very helpful for them, allowing them to interact with their dog


  • Camera is near the bottom of the PetCube, which some owners felt made placement for a clear picture more difficult
  • Some felt that this camera wasn’t as good value for money as they had expected
  • Some found that the connection and set up were complicated and didn’t always run smoothly
  • Some owners felt the video and audio quality weren’t as high-quality as they expected

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DOGNESS Wi-Fi Smart Camera Pet Treat Dispenser review


  • Most affordable option
  • Lower in price
  • Fantastic basic features

The DOGNESS Wi-Fi Smart Camera Pet Treat Dispenser is a great, basic option to keep an eye on your pup when they’re home alone. Featuring a 720p HD quality camera, night vision, and a 65-degree wide-angle lens, you’ll get the quality you need despite a lower price tag. 2-way audio allows you to chat to your pooch and reassure them while you’re out.

You can capture pictures and video at any time you like from your phone, so you can save those memories for later. Of course, you can dispense a treat at the touch of a button to let your dog know they’re behaving well which I found helpful with reinforcing good behavior.


  • Some owners stated that this camera reassured them while they were out, as well as keeping their dog happier and more entertained
  • Night vision allows owners to keep an eye on their dog no matter what the time
  • Aesthetically pleasing design which owners felt fitted in well with their decor
  • Some felt that this camera was good value for money, especially when compared to other more expensive options
  • Some stated that the video resolution gave better quality images than they had expected


  • Owners sometimes struggled with connectivity issues, making the app and camera hard to use
  • Some found that the treat dispenser area in the camera was easily broken
  • Some experienced static noise when using the audio, stating it wasn’t as good quality as they expected
  • Some found the app hard to operate and didn’t enjoy ads for other products

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DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera review


  • Best for meal feeding
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • 720p HD quality camera

The DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera is a great option if you’re often away from home at mealtimes. Suitable for small breeds, you can feed your dog a meal on a timer or at the press of a button from your phone which I found very handy. You can record your voice to play automatically at mealtimes or chat with your pup via 2-way audio.

With a 720p HD camera and night vision, you can keep an eye on your furbaby no matter what time of the day or night. This camera is on the more affordable end of the price range.


  • Some felt that the camera set up was easy, stating it was seamless
  • Owners found being able to see their dog very useful and reassuring when they were out at work
  • The ability to feed their dog meals was very pleasing and convenient for owners
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with many owners feeling it fit in well with the style of their home
  • Some found that it was easier to feed their dog on time, enabling them to stick to a routine


  • Some felt that while the camera itself was of good quality, it was hard to set up
  • Some found the connection was not consistent
  • Some owners found that the camera stopped working after a period of regular use
  • Some felt that due to faults with notifications and connection, the camera was not worth the price

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Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser review


  • Best for additional features
  • Laser game and sound effects
  • Can connect with other Pawbo accessories

The Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser is 1 of the best treat dispensing cameras for those who want plenty of additional features. The camera is 720p HD quality and can be viewed by up to 8 people at once through the connected app (I found this handy for allowing loved ones to connect with my dogs). It features 2-way audio, along with the ability to capture and share pictures and videos easily.

Not only does this camera allow you to give your dog a treat, but you can also play an interactive laser game with them from your phone. You can even ask the camera to play entertaining sound effects to capture your dog’s attention.

This camera can connect with other Pawbo toys and accessories, so you can control them remotely and have more ways to interact with your pampered pooch. Although this camera is at the top end of the price range, it’s worth the money if you’re looking for additional features.


  • No monthly charge or subscription fee for the app, unlike with some other cameras
  • Some stated the camera had good picture quality which they were pleased about
  • Some said that the ability to watch their dog while they’re at work was reassuring
  • Owners enjoyed being able to play with their dog using the laser game
  • Excellent for allowing multiple loved ones who live far away to check on dogs and puppies


  • Some owners had problems with connecting their camera to their phone, even when they are usually quite adept at technology
  • Audio and picture quality not as good as some other cameras, which some owners found disappointing
  • Some stated that this camera isn’t good value for money
  • Camera doesn’t move around or give movement alerts, which some people felt was poor quality
  • The laser can be hard to control, making interactive games challenging at times

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Things to Look for in a Treat Dispensing Camera

Buying a treat dispensing camera is an investment, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right camera for your needs. When you’re searching, it can be a little overwhelming to break down exactly what makes a good camera. To help you out, we’ll cover everything you should consider when shopping for the best dog treat dispensing camera.

Which Treats it Can Hold

Each camera will state somewhere in its specification the size of treats it can hold. Some are designed to hold specific brand treats, while others may be more likely to hold a variety. Ensure the camera you choose carries the treats or kibble you want to use for your dog.

How Many Treats it Can Hold

Cameras will vary in how many treats they can store to be dispensed. Depending on how long you’re out of the house and how often you plan on giving your dog a treat, your needs may vary.

Camera Quality

Video quality will vary, with 1080p HD cameras giving the clearest picture. Ideally, you shouldn’t choose a camera below 720p HD quality.

Consider how clear you want the picture of your dog to be. If you just want to keep a quick eye on your pet, camera quality may be less important to you. If you want to keep a really close watch, as well as potentially taking videos and pictures, a high-resolution camera is essential.

Audio Quality

Just like with camera quality, audio quality can vary. If you want to hear your dog clearly and potentially record their adorable barks, look for a camera with good quality audio. This may be stated in its description, or you may need to take a look through the reviews.

Ease of Installation

Some cameras will simply need you to plug them in, then download an app to your phone or connect with a password through a website, and you’re ready to go. Others may require a more detailed installation. During your search, consider how up to date on technology you are and how easy you want the installation process to be.

Ease of Use

As with installation, some cameras and their connected apps or websites are much simpler to use. Cameras and apps with tons of impressive features can be great if you know how to use them, but if you aren’t a dab hand with technology, you might be better opting for a simple to use alternative.

Night Vision Option

Cameras often offer night vision. If you want to keep an eye on your pet during the night or you work a night shift, for example, choose a camera that states it has this option.

2-way Communication

Most cameras will offer 2-way audio so that you can hear your pup and talk back to them. This is a valuable feature, so be sure to check the camera description for this.


It’s crucial to check which Wifi networks the camera connects through. You might see this referred to as a number and then ‘GHz’. This sounds complicated but simply refers to how far the connection between the camera and your phone can travel, and how fast the connection will be.

It’s essential to check how easy it is to connect the camera to your phone and which devices the camera can connect to (it’s always a good idea to check the reviews for ease of connectivity). Some cameras will allow multiple people to connect through the app; look for this feature specifically if more than 1 person will be keeping an eye on your dog.

Treat Throwing Distance

Cameras will vary in how far they can throw the treats they dispense. Some may have multiple distances so that you can vary things. This is a matter of preference when choosing a camera.

Whether it Requires a Paid Subscription

Some cameras require a paid subscription to their app, which is an additional cost you need to consider. Others may offer a paid subscription only for extra features. Some may not require a subscription at all.

Some paid subscriptions are worthwhile if you will use their additional features, such as the ability to have a vet check in on your dog or a dog ‘nanny’ service to watch your dog when you can’t.

Ability to Send Noise and Movement Alerts

Cameras often have the ability to send you an alert when your dog barks or moves around. This can be a useful feature, letting you know when something is going on at home without having to check the camera as often.

Ability to Move the Camera and Zoom In

You might be able to move some cameras from your phone, allowing you to look around the room, while others stay stationary and only film 1 area. Often cameras will allow you to zoom in to get a closer look at your dog. Consider whether these features are important to you.

Ability to Record and Take Pictures

Many cameras will let you record videos and take pictures to capture those special memories of your furbaby. You can even share them with loved ones (check out the reviews to see how easy it is to share pictures and videos with loved ones or to social media). Some cameras make this even easier by automatically recording when there’s movement.

Additional Features

Sometimes, cameras will offer additional features such as the ability to play noises or music for your dog, a laser game, a connection with Alexa or other smart devices, or even the ability to connect with interactive toys. If these features appeal to you, be sure to look for them in the description.

The Benefits of a Treat Dispensing Camera

Most of us regularly must leave our beloved fur babies to go to work and go about our daily life. This can be tough for your dog because to them, you are their world. It can also be challenging for owners who might worry about their best friend while they’re away.

A treat dispensing camera allows you to keep an eye on your dog and interact with them, reassuring both you and them. Using a camera can help you spot unwanted behaviours, such as barking, howling or destructive chewing, which might occur when you aren’t home.

Spotting this behavior quickly enables you to work on training your dog to solve the problem. Likewise, if your dog is already trained and you see them misbehaving, you can talk to them through the camera to provide the same correction as you would when you’re at home.

It’s not just all about bad behavior, though; most owners love an opportunity to praise their pup when they’re behaving well. A treat dispensing camera lets you praise them and give them their reward straight away.

Cameras with features like games can provide great stimulation for a bored dog during the day. Aside from all the other benefits, having a treat dispensing camera can be good fun for you and your dog!

Correct Usage of a Treat Dispensing Camera

When you’re installing the camera, consider its positioning. If your dog is known to chew things, you should install the camera well out of their reach to prevent injury.

All dogs will react differently to hearing their owners voice when they’re not in the room. If you find your dog becomes overstimulated or anxious hearing your voice through the camera, consider using the other features and avoid the speaker unless it’s really necessary.

Finally, it’s crucial that you don’t overtreat your dog, as this can lead to weight gain and associated health issues. Make sure you, and anyone using the camera, keep track of how many treats your dog gets while you’re out. Use the treat function sparingly throughout the day, and consider reducing your dog’s meals to account for the extra calories if you feel it’s needed.

Treat Dispensing Camera FAQ

Are treat dispensing cameras worth the price?

Treat dispensing cameras are certainly not cheap, but they can be worth the price for some dogs and owners. If you’re out a lot and want to keep an eye on your dog, they can be worth it. If you are training your dog, if you have a puppy, if your dog usually exhibits bad behavior when you’re out, or if you have a dog with health issues, a camera can be a fantastic investment.

Does a camera increase your dog’s safety?

Yes, a camera can increase your dog’s safety when you’re not at home. It gives you the ability to quickly notice any behavior problems or health issues and prevent them from escalating.


A treat dispensing camera can give you the peace of mind that your dog is healthy and happy while they’re home alone. With the right camera, the experience can be fun for both you and your dog.

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