5 Best Long-Lasting Dog Treats for a Crate Trained Dog (2022 Review)

Crate training your pup has so many benefits for both you and your dog. Treats are a big part of successful crate training, including long-lasting treats that you can leave with your pup while they’re in their crate. This helps to make their crate time more fun, preventing boredom and building that positive association with their crate.

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What is the Best Long Lasting Dog Treat for a Crate Trained Dog?

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Comparing the Best Long Lasting Dog Treat for a Crate Trained Dog


  • Best spreadable treat
  • Spreads onto treat dispensing toy
  • Lasts for hours

  • Best long-lasting chew
  • Tough texture lasts for hours
  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Best for small dogs
  • Long-lasting for little mouths
  • Made from real chicken

  • Best for large and giant dogs
  • Strong, big chews
  • Natural ingredients and rawhide free

  • Best on a budget
  • All-natural and long-lasting
  • Amazingly low price

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More Detailed Long Lasting Dog Treat Reviews

KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Peanut Butter Recipe review


  • Best spreadable treat
  • Spreads onto treat dispensing toy
  • Lasts for hours

The KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Peanut Butter Recipe is 1 of the best long-lasting dog treats for a crate when it’s paired with a treat dispenser like the KONG classic or a lick mat. You simply spread the delicious peanut butter flavored treat on the toy, and your dog will be licking away for hours.

You can even freeze it on your dog’s toy to make it last much longer (something I find useful during summer with my dogs). The ingredients are high quality and trans-fat free, making it very digestible for your dog’s delicate tummy. This treat is suitable for all breeds and is a mid-range price.


  • Many owners said their dogs loved the flavor of this treat
  • Long-lasting especially when paired with a KONG or similar toy, with owners saying it helped to keep their dogs calm and occupied
  • Some owners said it kept their dogs entertained for hours, even with very active breeds like border collies
  • Great for crate training, with owners saying it helps their dog go into their crate voluntarily and enjoy their time while they’re crated
  • Some felt this treat was better for their dog than other similar options


  • Some felt that this treat was too expensive, preferring to opt for cheaper spreadable options
  • Some found that you need to be careful with the pressure on the nozzle when dispensing the treat, as it can be messy
  • Some dogs weren’t interested in the flavor of this treat
  • Some owners didn’t like the ingredients of this treat, preferring to opt for more natural treats

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Himalayan Pet Supply Natural Cheese Dog Treats review


  • Best long-lasting chew
  • Tough texture lasts for hours
  • 100% natural ingredients

The Himalayan Pet Supply Natural Cheese Dog Treats are truly 1 of the best long-lasting dog treats for a crate trained dog. They are made from 100% natural ingredients, making them extra healthy for your dog. Their tough texture will stand up to hours of chewing, even from the most aggressive of chewers.

My springer spaniel enjoyed the taste of these chews and each 1 lasted for days at a time. These chews come in a range of sizes to suit all breeds. While their price is on the higher end of the range for 1 chew, I feel they are well worth the money.


  • Natural, healthy ingredients are highly digestible and suitable for dogs with additional dietary needs
  • Many said these treats were very long-lasting, keeping their dogs busy for hours, even for power chewers
  • Many said their dogs love the taste of these treats
  • Owners enjoyed being able to microwave smaller parts of the chew to make them into a treat, feeling it was good value for money
  • Great for use during training, including crate training and redirecting destructive chewing


  • Some owners found their dog wasn’t interested in this chew
  • Some owners felt the treats didn’t last as long as they expected and therefore, weren’t good value for money
  • Despite some dogs enjoying the chew, owners said that it made their breath smelly
  • Some found that these treats were too hard or brittle for their dogs
  • Some owners felt that they needed to supervise their dog during chewing, as when small pieces broke off during chewing, they worried their dog would choke

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Nylabone Edibles Natural Nubz Chicken Flavor Dog Chew review


  • Best for small dogs
  • Long-lasting for little mouths
  • Made from real chicken

The Nylabone Edibles Natural Nubz Chicken Flavor Dog Chew are an excellent option for small breeds who are crate trained. They’re long-lasting and made from real chicken, making them extremely tasty for your pup. They even have raised nubs to clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.

While bigger breeds could enjoy these treats, they wouldn’t be particularly long-lasting for large, strong mouths. They’re ideally suited for small and toy breeds (my small breeds loved them). They even come at a great price and you get multiple treats per packet.


  • Most said that their dogs loved these treats, showing great enthusiasm when they were offered
  • Owners of small dogs found it helpful that these treats could be broken up into smaller pieces
  • Owners of small breeds said these treats are long-lasting, keeping their dog occupied and happy
  • Many felt that these treats helped to clean their dog’s teeth as well as being tasty
  • Treats had a strong smell, which most owners felt smelt tasty and attracted their dogs to the treats


  • Owners with bigger dogs often found these treats didn’t last long
  • Some owners felt the treats were too hard for their dog
  • Some found that the treats didn’t arrive in the condition they expected
  • Treat bag sometimes doesn’t close properly, meaning the bones can go hard if not stored elsewhere
  • Some felt the ingredients were not as high-quality as they would have liked

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SmartBones Large Peanut Butter Chew Bones Dog Treats review


  • Best for large and giant dogs
  • Strong, big chews
  • Natural ingredients and rawhide free

The SmartBones Large Peanut Butter Chew Bones Dog Treats are 1 of the best crate-safe dog treats, with a tough texture making them very long-lasting. They’re made with natural ingredients and are 100% rawhide free, making them safe and high-quality for your furbaby.

These chews are mighty in strength and big in size, designed for large and giant breeds. My dogs enjoy the smaller version of this treat to suit their size, with the same great taste! They’re even a very affordable price with 3 treats in 1 bag.


  • Many owners stated that their large dogs absolutely love these treats, enjoying the peanut butter taste
  • Owners felt the natural ingredients were healthier for their dog and that these chews were a great alternative to rawhide
  • Some owners said these chews were long-lasting, keeping their dog happily occupied while they’re away from home or busy doing other things
  • Some stated that these were good value and affordable, especially when compared to other similar options
  • Owners felt these treats had potential dental benefits, getting into hard to reach areas of their dog’s mouth during chewing


  • Some owners found the treats didn’t last as long as they had hoped for their power chewers
  • Some found the ingredients didn’t agree with their dog’s digestive system
  • Some felt they needed to supervise their dogs during chewing, as the knots could pose a choking risk

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Ferrera Farms Pig Ear Dog Treats review


  • Best on a budget
  • All-natural and long-lasting
  • Amazingly low price

The Ferrera Farms Pig Ear Dog Treats are an excellent all-natural option, high in protein and low fat. While they’re suitable for all breeds, these pig’s ears are more likely to last longer for small and medium breeds. Large breeds with strong mouths may munch them quite quickly.

My dogs loved these pigs ears; the taste and texture kept them occupied for long periods. Best of all, for owners, each pig’s ear comes at an amazingly low price.


  • Natural, safer alternative to rawhide and bones, with similar benefits
  • Owners found that their dogs loved the flavor and crunchy texture
  • Some said the treat was long-lasting for smaller dogs, keeping their dog engaged and occupied for a while
  • Many stated this pig’s ear was good quality and they were very happy with their purchase
  • Some said they felt this pig’s ear was good value and handy for a special treat
  • Great for redirecting destructive chewing, especially for puppies


  • Some owners felt this pig’s ear wasn’t good value when compared to other similar options
  • Some owners found the pig’s ear didn’t as long as they had hoped, especially with larger breeds
  • Some found the treat didn’t agree with their dog’s stomach
  • In some cases, owners didn’t like the smell of the treat given its natural scent

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Things to Look for in a Long-Lasting Dog Treat for a Crate Trained Dog

When you’re looking for a treat for your crate trained dog, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you make the best choice:

Quality Ingredients

Choosing a treat made from high-quality ingredients is better for your dog’s health. Ideally, natural ingredients are best. Selecting teats made from excellent ingredients ensures that your beloved friend is getting the best quality possible.

Correct Size for Your Dog

It’s always important to choose a treat that is the correct size for your dog so they can chew it comfortably. When selecting a treat for your dog to eat in their crate, size advice changes slightly because your dog will potentially be unsupervised.

Ideally, you should choose a treat the next size up. This ensures they can’t chew the treat down to a small size, which could then pose a choking risk.

Potential to Be Long-Lasting

Any treat you give to your dog while they’re alone in their crate should be long-lasting. This ensures that they’re safe and keeps them occupied for longer, which is the goal.

High Value

When you give your dog a treat in their crate, especially if you’re in the process of crate training, you want the treat to be high value. This means extra tasty treats, so that your dog learns that great things happen when they are in their crate.

Additional Benefits

Many treats will provide additional benefits, which are always worth keeping an eye out for. For example, hard chews can help to clean your dog’s teeth, while other treats may include ingredients that are good for your dog’s coat or joints.

The Benefits of Crate Training

Some owners may worry that crate training is cruel, but in fact, it’s highly beneficial to your dog and you! In the wild, your dog’s ancestors would naturally search for small, cosy spaces to rest in. Dogs today still have that instinct and often feel much more settled in a small space.

The American Kennel Club states: “Most veterinarians, trainers, and breeders recommend crate training dogs from a young age.”

Let’s go over some of the benefits of crate training. Crate training:

  • provides a safe place for your dog, like their ‘bedroom’
  • gives dogs a place to get away from chaos in a busy household
  • is helpful in an emergency if you need to evacuate your dog
  • can be a great training tool for puppies (especially when toilet training, as dogs naturally want to keep their sleeping area clean)
  • provides a place to recover after surgery or illness
  • keeps your dog safe when you’re out by preventing them from getting into things they shouldn’t around the house
  • creates an easy, safe way to transport your dog (in the car, on a plane, or if they ever need to go somewhere without you)

The Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Treat While in Their Crate

Giving your dog a long-lasting treat while they’re in their crate keeps them calm and gives them something positive to focus on. It makes their time alone more enjoyable. This is even more important when you’re first crate training your dog, as it helps them learn that the crate is a positive place.

Basic Tips for Crate Training

If this is the first time you’re crate training a dog, make sure you do lots of research first. There are lots of great guides online, like this 1 from the American Kennel Club.

Some basic tips for crate training are included below:

  • choose a crate of the right size (your dog should be able to comfortably stand up and turn around in their crate, but not walk around)
  • make their crate comfortable and cosy (include blankets, a bed, water, crate-safe toys, and treats)
  • use lots of treats and praise
  • always work towards your dog enjoying being in their crate
  • never force your dog manually into the crate; instead, use treats and praise to encourage them to enter themselves
  • never use the crate as a punishment
  • build-up time in their crate slowly
  • leave the crate open even when you’re home, so they can go into it whenever they like
  • be consistent and persistent
  • don’t leave your dog in the crate for excessively long periods when you’re out

Crate Treat Safety Advice

It’s always important to supervise your dog the first time they try a new treat. Once you’ve watched them and feel that the treat is safe, you can leave it in their crate with them. Always choose long-lasting or spreadable treats to avoid choking or blockage.

Choosing a treat of the right size and strength for your dog is vital. Size up to make sure your dog never has a treat small enough to choke on. Don’t use rawhide or bones, as these can cause splinters and blockages, which can be fatal.


Can you leave your dog alone with a treat?

Yes, adult dogs can be left alone with a treat as long as you follow the safety guidance above.

What’s the longest time you can leave your dog in their crate?

Unless it’s overnight, you’re home, and your dog is sleeping, you shouldn’t leave your dog in their crate for more than 4 to 6 hours at a time. For a puppy, 4 hours is an absolute maximum.

Ideally, it should be less than 4 hours at a time, even when you’re at work. Just like you, your dog needs to go to the bathroom and stretch their legs. If your dog is home alone longer than that, it’s vital you get a dog walker or a loved one to take them out.

Is it cruel to put your dog in a crate?

No, it’s not cruel to crate your dog as long as it’s done using appropriate training. It can actually be much safer and less stressful for your dog to be crate trained.


Crate training your dog can have so many benefits. Choosing the right treat for your crate trained dog can entertain them for longer, resulting in a happy pup and owner.


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