If you’ve seen Chihuahua crossbreeds, you might be left wondering – “Can a female chihuahua breed with a large dog?” They’re tiny little animals, so how would that even work? 

Well, if you’ve ever thought about it, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions about the topic! Let’s dive in. 

Can A Chihuahua Breed With a Bigger Dog?

Can a Female Chihuahua Breed With a Large Dog?

The short answer is yes, in theory, a female Chihuahua can breed with a large dog. But it’s more about whether it should happen than whether it’s possible. 

Chihuahuas are toy dogs, which means they’re very small. They’re lighter than six pounds and stand no taller than eight or nine inches. There’s a big difference in weight and size when you compare them to large breeds.

Despite this distinct size difference, Chihuahuas and large breed dogs are the same species. So technically it is possible for them to mate and reproduce. Although, depending on how tall the large breed dog is this could be very difficult (just imagine the logistics)! 

However, it’s incredibly dangerous for a female Chihuahua to breed with a large dog. It puts them at high risk for health issues and even death for both the mother and puppies! So, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it under any circumstances. 

If professional breeders do choose to mix a small breed and a large breed, it’s usually a large breed female that is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the toy or small breed. This is a much safer method for the mother and puppies but still isn’t something I would encourage. 

Since Chihuahuas are so small, they’re at high risk during pregnancy even when they’re mated with another Chihuahua! I wouldn’t recommend mating your Chihuahua unless you’re a very experienced professional. 

If your Chihuahua does get pregnant by accident, it’s vital you take her to see a vet as soon as possible. Spaying and neutering can prevent accidental pregnancies. 

Sadly, my Chihuahua is a rescue and was used for breeding before we brought her home. It’s caused her a number of health issues as well as emotional trauma. 

Can a Female Chihuahua Breed With a Large Dog?

The Risks of Breeding a Chihuahua With a Bigger Dog

If a large male dog does mate with a female Chihuahua, there are a lot of risks both during the mating process and the pregnancy. 

Risks During Mating

Large breeds are heavier and much more powerful than a Chihuahua, so the Chi could be seriously injured during mating. Chihuahuas are so delicate that injuries can be much more serious for them than for larger dogs. 

Some male dogs can be rough during mating, meaning the Chihuahua could accidentally be injured by the other dog pawing or biting at them. The weight of the larger dog could put too much pressure on the Chihuahua’s spine, causing pain, paralysis, or even breaking their back!

The penis of a male dog could be too big for the Chihuahua, causing vaginal trauma, bleeding, and serious injury. 

When dogs mate, the penis is ‘locked’ into the female until the process is over – it’s also referred to as a copulatory tie. This can last a while and the bigger dog could potentially drag the female around with him as he moves – you can imagine the damage that could be done to a little Chihuahua during this. If the male decides to lie down during the lock, he could squash the Chi.

Risks During Pregnancy

Even if the mating is successful and the female Chihuahua gets through it without injury, that doesn’t mean all is well. Being pregnant by a larger dog means the puppies will be much bigger. Her little womb and birth canal aren’t designed for that!

This means she likely won’t be able to give birth to the puppies naturally because it would be too dangerous for her. Instead, she will need to have a cesarean section (surgery to remove the puppies). A C-section has its own risks for such a small dog. 

There’s also some risk that the puppies could have genetic defects or not be able to grow large enough to thrive due to the small size of the Chihuahua’s womb. 

Besides the health issues we’ve discussed, this whole progress could potentially lead to incredibly high vet bills and ongoing health issues for both the Chihuahua and her puppies. 

Spaying and Neutering

Can a Female Chihuahua Breed With a Large Dog?

Now we know that a female Chihuahua shouldn’t be allowed to mate with a large dog. If your Chi lives with large dogs or is around them often, it’s crucial to get her spayed and your male dogs neutered to prevent accidental pregnancy.

It’s best to spay or neuter your Chihuahua anyway, as it reduces the risk of other health issues and behavioral problems. It’s even proven to extend a dog’s lifespan! After all, we love our dogs and want them to be with us for as long as possible. 

It’s best to chat with your vet about spaying and neutering your dog to learn more. All three of my dogs are spayed and I highly recommend it for your dog’s health. 

Other Chihuahua Crossbreeds

If you do want to mate a Chihuahua with another breed or buy a crossbreed puppy, it’s safer if they’re crossed with other toy or small breeds. 

Common Chihuahua crossbreeds include:

When you’re picking a crossbreed, ensure you do plenty of research into both breeds. Remember there’s no guarantee how much of each breed’s personality and physical characteristics a puppy will inherit. 

Should You Breed Your Chihuahua With a Bigger Dog?

Although it’s physically possible for a Chihuahua to breed with a bigger dog, you shouldn’t try it! It’s incredibly risky for your Chihuahua and is unsafe overall for both the Chihuahua and her puppies.

Instead, consider adopting a Chihuahua or a Chihuahua crossbreed – there are always lots of dogs in rescues looking for loving new homes. If you choose to buy a puppy, do plenty of research and pick a responsible breeder.

Chihuahuas have a long lifespan when their health is a priority. With the right Chihuahua cross, you can live a long happy life with your new furbaby!