Purchasing a dog crate for your dog is a good way to give your pooch a safe space and comfortable private space that they can use when they want to rest or when they feel anxious. 

Dog crates come in all different shapes and sizes and can be placed almost anywhere in the house. However, a common question most people find themselves asking is can you put a dog crate in a bedroom?

This may seem like a pretty simple question to answer but there are actually a number of different things to think about. 

If you’ve just bought a dog crate and want to know if you can put it in your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know and answer this question for you.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Can You Keep Your Dogs Crate In Your Bedroom?

Let’s start by answering the main question that brought you to this post. To put it simply, yes, you can keep a dog crate in your bedroom. In fact, keeping a dog crate in the bedroom is one of the best places to keep it.

Keeping your dog’s crate in your bedroom at night will make your dog feel more comfortable. It will give your dog the company it needs to stay relaxed. You’ll find that your dog feels much safer and more secure. 

Having the crate in your bedroom will also ensure that you can hear your pooch if he/she becomes restless through the night.

Should Your Dog’s Crate Be Kept In The Bedroom All The Time?

When it comes to keeping your dogs crate in your bedroom all the time, the answer is slightly different. Whilst there’s nothing particularly wrong with keeping your dog’s crate in the bedroom all the time, it should ideally be moved around the house throughout the day.

Usually, we only spend the night in our bedrooms. The rest of the time, we spend around the rest of the house. As a result, it makes more sense for the crate to be somewhere else in the house during the day. 

Most people choose a living room because this is another place where your dog can feel comfortable and secure. 

With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with moving the crate throughout the day to maximize your dog’s happiness (see also ‘Is It OK To Crate Dogs All Day?‘).

Where Is The Best Place To Keep Your Dogs Crate?

You might be pleased to hear that the bedroom and living room are generally considered to be the best places to keep dogs crate. This is because both locations are used by people the most. 

As a result, your dog will feel relaxed, safe, and secure most of the time. Seeing as though both of these locations are considered the best places to keep a crate, you could keep one crate in each location.

That way, your dog can spend as much time with you as possible. If you only have one crate, don’t be afraid to move it around the house. You could keep it in the bedroom at night and in your living room during the day.

The Pros And Cons Of Keeping Your Dogs Crate A Your Bedroom

Keeping a dog crate in a bedroom comes with a wide range of pros and cons. Whilst we like to hear the pros more, it is also important to understand the downsides. 

With that in mind, we’ll now look at the most common and important pros and cons we can expect when we keep our dogs crate in our bedroom (see also ‘Do Dogs Like Their Crates?‘).

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Pros Of Keeping The Crate A Your Bedroom

Let’s start with the pros!


One of the best things about keeping a crate in a bedroom is that it gives you plenty of opportunities to bond with your dog. This could be especially important if you’ve adopted your dog. 

If your dog has anxiety issues or is quite nervous, being able to spend time with you through the night will build confidence and a stronger relationship.


Keeping your dog in the bedroom with you overnight also makes it much easier for you to keep tabs on your pooch. You’ll be able to better monitor your dog’s nightly activities.

This can be useful during the potty training period or with new puppies that need checking regularly. Of course, you can also keep an eye on injured or poorly dogs better too.

Clears Space Around The House

An underrated pro to keeping your dogs crate in a bedroom is that it frees up more space around the house. This could be crucial for you if you only live in a small apartment. 

You won’t have trouble navigating the crate during the day, and you’ll find that guests have much more space in the other parts of your home. 

The Cons Of Keeping The Crate In Your Bedroom

Now for some of the cons!

Relationship Issues

Unfortunately, not everyone loves dogs. As a result, not everyone wants to share their bedroom with a dog. If you live with someone that doesn’t like dogs, arguments might arise when you try to keep the dog in your room overnight.

Lack Of Sleep

As much as we love our dogs, keeping them in the bedroom with us can sometimes drive us mad. If you have an excitable puppy or noisy dog, you might find that he/she keeps you awake at night.

For obvious reasons, this can lead to a lack of sleep.

Training Issues

Like if you keep your dog’s crate in a living room all the time, you might encounter training issues with your dog if you keep him/her in a bedroom every night (see also ‘Can I Move My Dog’s Crate From Room To Room?‘). 

The reason for this is pretty simple: if your dog has access to someone all day, every day, you might find that they bark, whine, or scratch more because they constantly want more attention. 

This has the potential to cause separation problems too. 

In Conclusion

In this post, we’ve looked at whether or not you can keep a dog crate in your bedroom. We’ve shown you that yes, you can keep your dogs crate in your bedroom. 

We also looked at why it’s a good idea, how you should do it, and where else you can keep your dogs crate.

You should now know everything you need to know about placing your dog’s crate (see also ‘Where Is The Best Place To Put A Dog Crate In Your House?‘).