For dog owners, crates are essential. These crates are safe spaces in which you can keep your dogs. They not only provide security, but you can also transport your furry friends from one location to another.

If you’ve got more than one adorable dog, you may be wondering if you only need to buy one crate. But the truth is that we do not recommend putting two dogs in the same crate. Why is this? Continue reading to find out!

Can You Put Two Dogs In The Same Crate?

No, generally you shouldn’t put more than one dog in the same crate. This is because your dog will need its own space. Putting two dogs in the same crate may be quite claustrophobic, particularly if they’re big breeds.

Not to mention, crates are meant to be safe spaces in which your fur baby will feel secure and content. So by putting numerous dogs in one crate, it may be difficult to cultivate this sense of security.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Here are some of the main exceptions:

Smaller Breeds

Smaller breeds may not mind being locked up in the same cage. After all, they won’t require as much space as a larger breed.

This will differ depending on the dog, as some will be more bothered than others. If your dog doesn’t get along with other pups, it’s best to avoid using shared crates.


Another situation in which you can put your dogs in the same crate is if they’re puppies. They won’t mind sharing personal space at this young age. Not to mention, most puppies tend to be friendly with one another.

Yet, once your dogs hit 8 weeks old, it’s best to separate them. After a while, your dog will begin to show territorial attitudes.


Not to mention, littermates tend to enjoy sharing crates. If you are unfamiliar with this term, “littermates” refers to puppies from the same litter that have formed a strong bond.

Known as littermate syndrome, these puppies will be difficult to separate. Just bear in mind that there are disadvantages to littermates, such as that they tend to struggle to socialize with other dogs.

At Nightime

Another situation in which you may be able to get away with using shared crates is during the night.

The reason for this is that the activity of your dogs will be more predictable during the night. Namely, they will fall asleep.

So if you are a multi-dog family, you may wake up to find your dogs snuggled up together in the same crate. This is an incredibly adorable image!

If you intend to do this, it may be best to keep the crate door open so that your dogs can decide whether or not they want to sleep alongside each other.

Otherwise, you may end up hearing your dog whining during the night, which is bound to disrupt your sleep.

If you are concerned about your dog moving around too much during the night, you could invest in a dog pen.

Does Placing Two Dogs In The Same Crate Make Them Friendly?

Does Placing Two Dogs In The Same Crate Make Them Friendly?

You may think that forcing two dogs into the same crate will make them friendly. After all, they will be forced to share the same space.

But the truth is that this technique rarely works, so we do not advise placing dogs in the same crate to build a friendly relationship. This is particularly the case with dogs that are hostile or aggressive towards one another.

Hostile dogs will likely only become more aggressive towards each other when confined in a small crate. A violent fight could erupt, which could result in injuries.

Instead, you will have to use a different method to get these two conflicting dogs to get along. For instance, you may want to gradually familiarize these two dogs with each other to encourage friendship.

Are Dog Crates Expensive?

Now that you know that crate sharing is not advised, you may be a little worried about the cost that this will incur.

After all, you may now have to buy two separate crates, which will inevitably be much more costly than just buying one crate.

Unfortunately, dog crates are usually one of the most costly pieces of equipment for pet owners to purchase. But the good news is that these crates tend to be extremely durable, meaning that they last for a long time.

These dog crates are sold at a range of different price points, so dog owners can easily find one within their budget. It’s worth shopping around to find the beast crate, as this can be a rather large investment.

Not to mention, the necessity of these pieces of kit means that they are an essential item for your dog. So it’s worth spending a lot of money on your furry companion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Alright To Put Your Dog In Its Crate When It’s Misbehaving?

No, we do not recommend using this as a form of punishment for your misbehaving dog. This is because crates are meant to be safe spaces that your dog can feel comfortable in.

If you use your crate for punishment, your dog will develop a negative relationship with it. Instead, a firm telling-off is normally an effective way of punishing your dog.

How Long Should You Put A Dog In A Crate?

You are free to leave your dog in its crate overnight. However, when it comes to the day, it’s best not to leave a dog in a crate for more than 6 to 8 hours.

Puppies should be kept in a crate for even less time. The maximum amount of time that you should keep them in a crate is 4 hours. Any longer than this and your dog’s mental health may begin to deteriorate.

Final Thoughts

While dog crates can be extremely useful items, it’s best to invest in two dog crates if you have two furry friends.

Otherwise, it will be challenging to make your dog feel comfortable in this space, which is designed to be safe and secure.

The good news is that doing so will make your dog feel even more comfortable in your home!