Are you a fan of cold weather and looking for a furry companion to join you on snowy adventures? Look no further!

In this article, we will introduce you to 23 amazing cold weather dog breeds that love snow and thrive in chilly climates. From the energetic Siberian Husky to the gentle Tibetan Terrier, there’s a perfect match for everyone seeking a snowy sidekick.

1. Siberian Husky

A siberian husky dog with thick fur and blue eyes, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Siberian Husky is a popular snow dog breed that originated in Siberia. Raised by the Chukchi people for their strength and endurance as sled dogs, they are known for their:

  • Beauty
  • Athleticism
  • Thick double coat
  • Pointed ears
  • Almond-shaped eyes

These features make them perfectly suited for cold weather adventures. Their friendly and loyal nature, combined with their independence and intelligence, makes Siberian Huskies a perfect cold weather dog breed for active families.

2. Alaskan Malamute

An alaskan malamute with thick double coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

Another powerful and cold-loving breed is the Alaskan Malamute. With a dense double coat that keeps them warm in chilly environments, these dogs were originally bred for sledding and are known for their loyalty and playfulness. They’re one of the best snow dog breeds!

Alaskan Malamutes are intelligent and independent, but can also be quite stubborn, so I would only recommend them for experienced owners. If you are experienced with training dogs and like to stay active, this beautiful breed might be for you!

The Inuit people of Alaska have been using them for centuries to pull heavy freight and hunt seals, demonstrating their adaptability and resilience in cold weather.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

A bernese mountain dog with thick double coats, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

Originating from Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large working breed with a thick, long coat that showcases black, white, and rust colors. They’re absolutely beautiful to look at! These dogs are known for their devotion to their owners and their loving nature. They love nothing more than to be around their humans.

Bernese Mountain Dogs thrive in cold temperatures. Easy to train and smart, these gentle giants make wonderful cold weather companions for families seeking a loyal and affectionate friend.

4. American Eskimo Dog

An american eskimo dog with thick fur, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The American Eskimo Dog is a small-to-medium-sized breed with a stunning white double coat that needs regular brushing. Their distinctive wedge-shaped head, almond-shaped eyes, and black nose give them an unmistakable appearance.

Incredibly smart, loyal, and friendly, they make excellent watchdogs and are very easy to train, making them suitable for various tasks, including working as a search and rescue dog. They need regular walks and exercise, especially when it’s cold out, to keep their coat healthy and happy.

5. Saint Bernard

A saint bernard with thick fur, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Saint Bernard is a gentle giant that most of us have heard of! They’re a large and friendly breed that loves cold weather and needs daily exercise to maintain their health and happiness. With their thick double coat, huge head, and droopy ears, they are well-equipped for cold temperatures.

They are incredibly loyal and devoted to their families, making them great family pets. Saint Bernards are also patient and tolerant with children, ensuring they are a perfect addition to any family.

6. Labrador Retriever

A labrador retriever with a friendly face, perfect for search and rescue and best dog breeds

We all know Labradors – they’re a very popular breed among dog lovers.

Labrador Retrievers are:

  • Intelligent and cold-tolerant dogs
  • Known for their versatility in various tasks, from search and rescue missions to being loving family pets
  • Bred in Newfoundland for their strength and swimming abilities
  • Have a thick double coat that keeps them cozy in cold climates.

However, they require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy, so I would recommend them only for active families.

7. Norwegian Elkhound

A norwegian elkhound with a thick coat, perfect for colder weather and damp climates

Originating from Norway, the Norwegian Elkhound is a high-energy, ancient dog breed that is perfect for cold weather and requires experienced owners. With their thick, medium-length coat, they are well-equipped to handle cold climates.

These loyal and devoted dogs were once used as hunting dogs and herding reindeer by the Sami people, a semi-nomadic tribe in Lapland. Today, their friendly and gentle nature makes them excellent companions for families who appreciate their unique history and cold weather prowess.

8. Newfoundland

A newfoundland with a thick coat, perfect for colder weather and damp climates

Newfoundlands are massive, gentle dogs that excel in cold weather, with their thick double coat providing warmth and protection from harsh conditions. Although they are known for their gentle nature and love of water, their large size requires early training due to their strength and shorter lifespan.

These gentle giants are perfect for families who are experienced with large dogs and who love huge dogs!

9. Samoyed

A samoyed with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Samoyed, with its beautiful white coat and friendly nature, is one of the snow dog breeds that enjoys outdoor activities such as running and snowshoeing. Hailing from Siberia, they were originally bred to herd reindeer and pull sleds, making them well-adapted to cold weather conditions.

Their thick double coat keeps them warm, while their playful and affectionate temperament makes them excellent companions for families who love to spend time in the snow.

10. Great Pyrenees

A great pyrenees with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Great Pyrenees is one of my favorite breeds! This gentle and double-coated breed thrives in cold weather and loves playing outdoors, especially in the snow. They are incredibly intelligent and devoted to their family.

Their playful nature is often particularly evident right before bedtime, adding an extra element of fun to their already endearing personality.

11. Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is a friendly and gentle breed that prefers cooler temperatures and should only be exercised outdoors during colder times of the day. Originally used as a helper dog by the Sami people in Lapland, these dogs are characterized by their thick, medium-length coat that comes in various colors, making them well-suited for colder climates.

Their gentle and affectionate nature makes them excellent family pets for those who appreciate their unique history and cold-weather abilities.

12. Keeshond

A keeshond with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Keeshond is an affectionate, vocal, and curious dog breed. They require plenty of attention and are incredibly loyal to their owners. They’re also known as the Dutch Barge Dog and originated from the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly given the name, they were used as watchdogs on barges and boats.

Their thick double coat allows them to thrive in cold weather and they’re a fantastic choice for families.

13. Tibetan Mastiff

A tibetan mastiff with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Tibetan Mastiff, a large and cold-tolerant dog breed, is well-suited to cold climates thanks to its double coat that keeps them warm and protected from harsh weather conditions. Originally bred as guard dogs in Tibet, these gentle giants are known for their loyalty and bravery.

They’re comfortable in both warm and cold environments and make amazing pets for the right owners.

14. Chow Chow

A chow chow with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Chow Chow is a cold-loving dog breed with a thick coat that prefers alone time at home due to its aloof nature. Originating from China, this sturdy breed is known for its unique blue-black tongue and lion-like appearance.

Although they may seem standoffish, Chow Chows are loyal and protective of their families, making them excellent watchdogs for owners who appreciate their personality.

15. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

The spirited Shiba Inu, with its thick fur and double coat, loves to play and explore in the snow. This small and agile breed hails from Japan and was originally used for hunting. Their independent nature and love for outdoor adventures make them excellent companions for families who enjoy spending time in snowy weather and being active.

16. German Shepherd

A beautiful German Shepherd enjoying the snow, a perfect example of cold weather dog breeds

The intelligent German Shepherd thrives in cold weather thanks to its thick double coat and adaptable nature. As a highly trained and affectionate breed, the German Shepherd makes an excellent companion for active families.

As with any breed, it’s essential to choose a reputable breeder when selecting a German Shepherd, as their popularity has led to some unethical breeding practices that can result in health issues and temperament problems.

17. Anatolian Shepherd

An anatolian shepherd with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

Anatolian Shepherds are:

  • Cold-tolerant dogs with a thick double coat that protects them from harsh weather conditions
  • A large and agile breed suitable for experienced owners who can provide them with the necessary training and socialization
  • Known for their loyalty and devotion
  • Thrive in large open spaces
  • Require dedicated owners who appreciate their unique history

Anatolian Shepherds are an ancient breed and are a great choice for those looking for a loyal dog.

18. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

A greater swiss mountain dog with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are strong and agile animals that are gentle with their families. This large and affectionate breed is known for its protective instincts and loyalty, making them excellent watchdogs.

With their thick double coat, they can easily handle colder temperatures while staying warm and comfortable. They make great cold-weather friends, providing companionship and protection in the winter months.

19. Karakachan Bear Dog

A karakachan bear dog puppy with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Karakachan Bear Dog is:

  • A patient and kind livestock guardian dog
  • Loves cold weather and sleeping in the snow
  • Known for its intelligence and strength
  • An excellent protector of livestock
  • A loyal companion in colder climates

They are perfect for families and they love nothing more than curling up in the snow and keeping watch over their home.

20. Akita

An akita with a thick coat, perfect for cold weather and snow dog breeds

The Akita is a cold-tolerant dog breed with a dense coat that protects them from snow. However, they can be difficult to train and display a stubborn side. I only recommend the breed for an experienced owner who is patient and consistent.

Their thick double coat helps insulate them in colder climates, making them a great choice for families who enjoy spending time outdoors in the snow and are willing to put in the effort to train and socialize this strong-willed breed.

21. Kuvasz Dog

Kuvasz Dog

The Kuvasz Dog is:

  • A fearless protector
  • Has a white double coat that makes them difficult to spot in deep snow
  • Known for their patience and loyalty
  • Perfect for protecting livestock and guarding their family

Their love for cold weather coupled with their gentle nature makes them ideal companions for families who appreciate this interesting breed.

22. Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terriers are:

  • Gentle, cold-weather family pets with flat feet resembling snowshoes, allowing them to easily navigate snowy terrain
  • Known for their double coat that keeps them warm in colder temperatures
  • Playful and affectionate in nature

These adorable dogs are ideal for families who love hiking and spending time outdoors in cold climates. They make wonderful pets and are very loving with their humans!

23. Caucasian Shepherd


The Caucasian Shepherd is a large, cold-tolerant dog breed with a laid-back temperament, perfect for cold weather. These dogs need dedicated, experienced owners and a larger home.

Some key characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd include:

  • Thick double coat that keeps them warm in colder temperatures
  • Laid-back temperament
  • Suitable for families seeking a loving and protective friend
  • Can handle both warm and cold environments

They are known for their intelligence and trainability, making them a great choice for owners who are skilled at dog training and willing to put in the work.


In conclusion, there are numerous cold weather dog breeds that can thrive in snowy and chilly environments. Each breed offers unique characteristics and qualities, making them perfect companions for families who enjoy spending time outdoors in colder climates.

From the playful Samoyed to the protective Caucasian Shepherd, there is a perfect cold-weather companion for every family. May your snowy adventures be filled with love, warmth, and the perfect cold-loving canine friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

What dogs tolerate cold weather?

Several breeds such as the Tibetan Terrier, Keeshond, Siberian Husky, Bernese Mountain Dog, Shiba Inu, American Eskimo, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard are well-equipped to tolerate cold weather thanks to their thick, double-layered coats. Many of these breeds originated in northern climates and have attributes that allow them to thrive when temperatures drop.

What is the best dog for Alaska?

For Alaska, the Alaskan Malamute is an ideal dog breed that was originally bred by the Mahlemiut Inuit tribe for pulling heavy loads. This athletic dog has a double coat of fur to insulate them in cold weather and they’re a sociable breed.

How can you tell if a dog is cold?

If your dog is shaking, has a hunched posture with a tucked tail, is whining or barking, has a change in behavior, or seeks shelter and lifts its paw off the ground, then it may be too cold.

Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and take steps to keep them warm and comfortable. If your dog is shivering, provide them with a warm blanket or coat. If they are outside, bring them inside or provide them with a warm shelter.

Why do some dog breeds have double coats?

Double coats provide insulation and protection against cold climates, making them ideal for dogs living in areas with harsh weather conditions. These coats are made up of two layers of fur – an outer layer of guard hairs and an inner layer of down hairs.

Are there any specific care requirements for cold weather dog breeds?

Cold weather dog breeds may require regular grooming to maintain their thick coats, as well as appropriate exercise and mental stimulation.

Proper care is essential for these breeds to stay healthy in cold climates. Many of these breeds need experienced owners and plenty of quality training and socialization in order to be a well rounded pet.