German Shepherd Wolf Mix Overview

Parent Breeds:
German Shepherd & Eurasian Wolf
Breed Nickname:
German Shepherd Wolf Mix
22 to 26 inches
50 to 90 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 14 years
Coat Colors:
Brindle, black, gray, and brown

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Characteristics

Good for First-Time Owners
Good with Children
Easy to Train
Exercise Requirements
Ease of Grooming
Amount of Shedding
Amount of Drooling
Tendency to Bark

About The German Shepherd Wolf Mix

What Is A German Shepherd Wolf Mix Called?

The illusive offspring between a German Shepherd and a Wolf doesn’t have an official name, so it is referred to as the German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

While the wolf and domestic dog parted ways more than 100 thousand years ago, they’re still a part of the same species and can still breed together.

They are sometimes referred to as Wolfdogs, but this is an umbrella term for any dog bred with a wolf.

The hybrid of wolf and dog is incredibly intriguing, but they require a very specific type of owner who has plenty of experience and knowledge of dogs. In our ultimate guide, you’ll learn all about the German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Breed History

  • Uncommon breed, with not much history on them.

  • Dogs and wolves lived together 100,000 years ago.

  • Originally bred to restore the natural instincts lost through domestication.

There’s not much information on the history of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix because they are so uncommon.

It’s thought that these dogs have been bred for centuries naturally, but designer breeders might also give breeding them a go to meet demand.

There are many types of German Shepherd Wolf mixes, but the most popular is the Saarloos Wolfhound. These were created in 1935 by Leendert Saarloos when he bred a German Shepherd with a Eurasian Wolf.

The main reason he did this was to return some of the natural traits that the German Shepherds lost when they became domesticated.

Other German Shepherd Wolf mixes include the Kunming Wolfdog, Czechoslovakia Wolfdog, and the Lupo Italiano. Wolves are wild animals, so it is trickier to successfully breed a wolf with a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Personality & Temperament

  • Very unpredictable personalities.

  • Like to be part of a pack and will be very protective of them.

  • Will chase anything that moves thanks to their high prey drive.

German Shepherds have very different personalities from wolves, mostly because they are domesticated while the wolf is not. This means that it might be difficult to determine how their offspring will behave, and it can make this mixed breed very temperamental.

Wolves are fiercely loyal to their pack, so expect them to want to protect you from strangers and other animals.

This might concern you, but wait – wolves are also wild animals, so they’re reserved when facing unknown people and surroundings. They’re good watchdogs but won’t work as guard dogs.

They’re too nervous. While they’ll be protective from afar, they’ll cower behind you as the stranger gets closer.

Wolves like to live in dens, so they’re notorious diggers. Rather than trying to train this behavior out of them, it’s best to offer them a space in your yard where they can dig for comfort.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is certainly too large to live in an apartment.

Both parent breeds have a high prey drive, so the German Shepherd Wolf Mix will chase anything that moves around them. They’ll also howl at anything and everything, as this is how they communicate with the rest of their pack.

These dogs are unpredictable and hate being alone, so they need an experienced owner that has plenty of time to spend with them.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Health

  • Life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

  • Can inherit health issues from both parents.

  • Wolves can bring unexpected health issues.

As one of their parents is a wild animal, the health issues that a German Shepherd Wolf Mix can inherit are widely unknown. They’ll be at less risk of developing these illnesses than purebred parents, but it’s not impossible.

While we don’t know much about the wolf parent, we do know about the German Shepherd. They are at risk of Joint Dysplasia, Arthritis, Bloating, and more.

Taking your German Shepherd Wolf Mix to the vet regularly will help you to diagnose and treat any issues as soon as possible. This mix also lives longer than the short lifespan of the wolf, who only lives for 8 years.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Training

  • Can be stubborn and unwilling to train.

  • Early socialization is vital.

  • Patience and positive reinforcement are the best methods.

German Shepherds are a very intelligent breed, so training them isn’t too difficult. However, mixing them with a wild animal is sure to make training longer.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is eager to please and clever, but they’re also unpredictable and stubborn. They need an experienced owner who knows how to handle training them.

Early socialization is vital for these dogs as they are only half domesticated, and you want to minimize the uncertainty of their behavior around others as much as possible.

Use positive reinforcement to show that you’re working together rather than against them.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Exercise Requirements

  • Can be stubborn and unwilling to train.

  • Early socialization is vital.

  • Patience and positive reinforcement are the best methods.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix needs at least one hour of exercise a day to satisfy their muscles. However, most will want more than just one hour! Wolves are known to walk over eight hours a day…

Running off the leash is a German Shepherd Wolf Mix’s favorite exercise. German Shepherds don’t like water, so keep them away from swimming.

They’ll need a large yard to burn off excess energy throughout the day, but leaving them in the yard alone isn’t enough. They’ll need an active owner who can keep up with them, and who has enough time!

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Diet & Feeding

  • Should eat a raw food diet.

  • Ask your vet about the correct quantities of raw food.

German Shepherds can eat domesticated dog kibble, but wolves eat raw meat for the majority of their diets.

This means that German Shepherd Wolf Mixes should also eat a raw food diet, as this is what will offer them the best nutrients to keep them healthy.

Ask your vet about how much raw food your dog should be eating a day. This will depend on a number of factors, so no two German Shepherd Wolf Mixes are the same.

The last thing you want to do is overfeed them, so always consult a professional.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Cost

  • Costs $800 to $1,000.

  • Ongoing costs for this breed will be higher than other breeds.

German Shepherd Wolf Mixes typically cost from $800 to $1,000, as they are a rare breed and not commonly bred by backyard breeders.

This is for the best, though, as reputable breeders will offer puppies less likely to develop health conditions in the future.

Ongoing costs include specialist training classes, raw food, sturdy toys, possible landscaping for a dug-out garden, and vet bills. Insurance might also be higher due to the uncertainty of this half-domesticated, half-wild dog.