Welcome to the wonderful world of Golden Retrievers! These fluffy, lovable pooches come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most important features that make them so special is their variety of beautiful fur coats.

Today we’ll take a look at the distinct colors these pups are known for. So let’s get started exploring these beautiful shades!

What Colors Can Golden Retrievers Be?

The AKC offically recongizes three colors as standard:

  • Dark Golden
  • Golden
  • Light Golden

But, you can also get a subtle cream color and a rich red.

Let’s look at them in more detail below:

1. Dark Golden Retrievers

Dark Golden Retriever color

Dark Golden Retrievers are the most common variation of this breed. They have a rich, golden color that can range from dark amber to deep mahogany. These dogs have an impressive coat with a consistent texture that almost sparkles in the sun. Dark Goldens typically have lighter eyes and noses, but they can vary depending on their individual coloring.

2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Color

Golden Retrievers are recognizable by their classic and iconic gold fur coats. They tend to be lighter than Dark Goldens and often boast a buttery hue that is slightly warmer and less intense-looking than its darker counterpart. Their coats may also contain lighter streaks or patches throughout – these variations help them stand out from the pack.

3. Light Golden Retrievers

Light Golden Retriever Color

Light Goldens have a milder tone than its counterparts, with a pale yellow-gold color that is much lighter and more muted than the traditional gold of a classic Golden Retriever. They may also have cream or white patches throughout their coat for added charm and character.

4. Cream Golden Retrievers

Cream Golden Retriever Color

Cream Retrievers are distinguished by their creamy coats with ivory highlights – they look almost like meringue when you see them in the sun! These dogs tend to be slightly larger than other types of Goldens, but they make up for it in personality and sweetness.

5. Red Golden Retrievers

Red Golden Retriever Color

The rarest type of Golden Retriever is the Red. As their name implies, Reds have a beautiful deep red coloring that sets them apart from their other cousins. They may also have white patches throughout their coats for added charm.

How To Choose Your Golden Retriever Color

All Golden Retrievers are beautiful and lovable, so it’s ultimately up to you when deciding which color is right for you. Consider the individual personality and traits of each pup before making your decision – some types may be more suited to a certain lifestyle than others.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Think about the activities you plan to do with your dog – certain colors may be better suited than others based on the environment you plan to explore.

2. Do research on each color variety and find out more information regarding their personality traits, energy levels, and health concerns. This will help give you an idea of which type is best for your lifestyle and needs.

3. Talk to a breeder or vet if possible and ask questions about their experience with different types of Goldens. They can provide valuable insight into which color would fit best in your home.

4. Visit local shelters or rescue organizations to get a firsthand look at all of the gorgeous Golden Retriever coats! Take some time to meet the dogs in person and make sure that you feel a connection with the pup before making any commitments.

5. Above all, make sure to choose a color based on your love for the dog – not just its looks. Every Golden Retriever is unique and special, so try to focus on finding one that will fit into your family perfectly!

Golden Retriever Color FAQ

What is the rarest color Golden Retriever?

The rarest color of Golden Retriever is Red.

What is the most common color of Golden Retriever?

Dark Golden is the most common color among Golden Retrievers.


No matter what color your pup is, they are sure to be as unique and precious as any other kind of Golden Retriever! Whether you choose a Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream or Red – these gorgeous dogs come in all shapes and sizes but are always full of laughter, love and loyalty.