A metal dog crate can be collapsible which makes it relatively easy to assemble and then disassemble. The assembly of a Drop Pin Crate for a dog may be some work so make sure that you read the specific instructions first.

Some brands can differ in their dog crates with only some minor differences. Once up and assembled, a dog crate should be a secure, sturdy yet comfortable place for your dog to be kept in for a short period.

When you receive a dog crate in a box, it may look intimidating to imagine those panels and pieces can become a sturdy construction. In this guide, we will detail how to assemble a dog crate.

The Collapsible Dog Crate

The Collapsible Dog Crate may be the simpler option, certainly when considering the alternative which is the Drop Pin Crate. Even then, you should still read the instructions to make sure you can construct it properly.

Emptying The Contents Of The Box

Place the box on the floor and the dog crate should be in several different metal pieces. Start by laying out all these pieces flat out on the floor and you can have the removable plastic pan right at the bottom of the crate.

There may even be a latching device on one side that will hold the metal panels all together.

Putting The Panels In Place

If there is a latch, remove it so you can lift the two layers of the crate as it is folded. Each layer of the crate is connected to the bottom so it should open just like a book as you unfold it.

  • With the panels unfolded, that should mean the crate has a bottom as well as a top once the two side panels are correctly put in the right place.
  • The following layer of the crate should be the door panel which can be secured with those latched on the crate’s sides.
  • You can make sure that the top panel stays in place when you pull the door forward, the hooks will slide over the top panel’s wire.
  • Do that again with the rear panel of the crate to finish the job.

The Drop Pin Dog Crate

The Drop Pin Dog Crate is a little more tricky to assemble, and disassemble than the collapsible dog crate. Even then, it is still possible to assemble one with a little time.

How The Drop Pin Dog Crate Is Different From A Collapsible One?

The Drop Pin Dog Crate does have separate metal panels and is connected with a metal rod and hooks in the corners. That means that though the panels do not remain attached directly to each other, the crate remains sturdy.

The construction is a little more complicated and you may require some assistance simply to line up the panels. The other defining element of the Drop Pin Dog Crate is how you need to ensure that each door is put in the right place when assembled.

Assembling A Drop Pin Dog Crate

Assembling A Drop Pin Dog Crate

Just like the Collapsible Dog Crate, remove the contents of the box and set them apart on a floor so you can identify every panel. Start with the bottom panel and work your way from there.

  • The bottom panel should be the widest and have upright hooks so place that one on the ground.
  • Next to the bottom panel, arrange the side panels so that the loops at the end of those wires face upward.
  • Connect those two side panels by pushing them close to the bottom panel then laying that second rung over the bottom panel’s hooks.
  • Pull those panels upright and the hooks will secure the bottom panel to the sides.
  • Position the remaining top panel and then secure those hooks to the side panels.
  • With the hooks, hang the door panel directly from the top one so the door is placed on the side that has the pin stop latch.
  • When you are ready to secure it, insert two corner rods through the door panels and the side hooks.
  • You will need to repeat that with the back panel to ensure that the crate is secure
  • Insert and then secure the plastic tray with the pin stop and that should be the crate finished.

Final Thoughts

To ensure that your dog is safe in the dog crate, you should remove its tags, leads, and even its collar. You may need to entice them in with a few treats but make sure that they are comfortable in the crate first.

There should be some instructions that come with the dog crate so try to set yourself aside some time to practice putting it together and then disassembling it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Choose The Correct Dog Crate?

When selecting a dog crate, you want to ensure that it keeps your dog safe yet provides them with a comfortable space.

If anything, the dog crate has to be the right size, meaning it is large enough for your dog to turn around easily. Should your dog be able to stand up, then even better.

To measure your dog crate and make sure it is the right size, it should be around two inches taller than the dog’s shoulders. The same-sized gap of two inches should be behind them when they lie down.

How Can You Make A Dog Crate More Comfortable For Your Dog?

Though the crate may seem like an enclosure, it is a good way to transport your dog. A lot of dogs may even enjoy being in a crate.

You can make it even more enjoyable by adding their favorite blanket for added comfort or even an old t-shirt that they enjoy sleeping on. Perhaps some of their favorite toys would make the environment even more enjoyable.