Crates are great spaces where your dog can feel safe and comfortable while being as close to you as possible. However, most crates are metal cages that don’t look very appealing in a home.

But there are a large variety of ways you can turn a dog crate into a piece of furniture that integrates into your home’s decor. In this article, we find out how you can make your dog’s crate look nice.

1. Convert A Cabinet Into A Dog Crate

An easy way to fully hide your dog crate is by integrating it into a low cabinet in your laundry room or kitchen. This is especially useful for smaller dogs.

It’s important to find the right cabinet that would fit your dog crate as your pooch needs to have enough space to stand up and move around.

You also need to make sure that you don’t store anything in your dog crate cabinet, such as kitchen cleaners, as these could be toxic for your dog.

You simply cut out a large enough hole from the kitchen cabinet door and hang up a curtain in front of the hole. Don’t forget to put a comfy dog bed or blanket inside your dog’s new crate.

2. Cover Your Dog Crate With A Slipcover

Crates are practical spaces for your dog where your furry friend can sleep and feel safe when he is stressed. But a crate can take up a lot of space in your home, especially if you have a larger pooch.

One of the most versatile solutions for making your dog crate look nice is by covering it up with a slipcover. You can choose any fabric that matches with your home decor, and you can create any size cover to work with your dog size crate.

Another fantastic advantage of covering a crate is that it creates a slightly darker space for your dog. This is especially useful for anxious dogs who can calm down in their covered crate (see other ways to calm your dog down when in a crate here).

3. Integrate Your Dog Crate Into Your Furniture

As dog crates aren’t aesthetically pleasing, they are often best hidden under covers or even inside furniture. One of the best ways to make a crate look nice is by simply integrating it into your furniture.

This could be turning your dog’s crate into a window bench or even an ottoman in front of your bed.

It’s easier to turn cupboards into dog crates if you have a smaller dog but there are also creative alternatives for large dogs, such as a large cupboard space integrated into your decor.

4. Build A Kennel Bench

One fun way to make your dog’s crate look more appealing is by turning it into an additional piece of furniture, such as a bench.

If you have a large window front, then you can create a big kennel bench or simply add a kennel next to your bench with matching wood.

This doesn’t just create a space for your dog to sleep in but it also creates more seating space, so you and your companion can watch the world go by.

5. Turn Your Space Under The Stairs Into A Dog Crate


When it comes to finding ways of integrating a dog kennel into your furniture, you will need to find a space that’s not used very often. And one of the most under-used spaces in our home is the area under the stairs.

The size and type of crate you can build with the room under the stairs varies depending on your home. If you already have a cupboard room under the stairs, then you can simply cut out a dog-friendly door and put a dog bed down.

However, if you don’t currently use this space and it doesn’t have a cupboard, then you will need to find out how much space is under your stairs first.

It’s essential that your dog has plenty of room to get into the kennel, stand inside the space and turn around.

6. Create A Bedside Table Crate

Another clever idea of making your dog crate look more interesting is by simply integrating it into your bedside table. This is especially useful when you have a small dog or a puppy.

They often like sleeping next to their owners, so you can create a comfy space for them right by your bed.

7. Place Soft Materials Inside The Crate

Decorating a dog crate doesn’t always mean that you need to hide your kennel (see also ‘Dog Kennel Vs Crate: Which is Better?‘). You can also make it a focal point of the room by placing some fun toys or blankets inside the crate.

It’s essential to keep in mind that any materials in a crate should be washable and waterproof. This is especially important if you have an older dog or a puppy.

You can vary the materials in the crate depending on the season. In some, you can put a soft cooling mat into your dog’s crate, and in winter you can place a warm blanket.

8. Decorate The Kennel With Plants

Another great way to decorate your dog kennel is by placing live plants around it. This does not just cover some of the metal bars of the crate but it also creates a beautifully calming environment for your dog and you.

This being said, some plants can be toxic to dogs, so you will need to choose carefully what you put near your dog. Keep this in mind at all times, especially with puppies as they chew a lot.

Plants that you shouldn’t place near your dog are ivy, cyclamen, lilies and umbrella plants. But there are also other plants that can be toxic to dogs, so ensure that you do your research before buying the plants.

Some of the most popular, pet-safe plants are rosemary, Boston fern, spider plant, marigolds and polka dot plants.

Final Thoughts

With some creativity and a few materials, you can make your dog crate look nice and turn it into a comfortable space for your furry friend.