There is usually a reason why you are crating your dog. This could be due to their separation anxiety that causes destructive behavior when you are absent, or because you are housebreaking them.

Whatever the reason, it is never nice to come home to find your dog in the middle of a torn up couch pillow, along with a pile of ripped magazines and broken ornaments.

While this is expensive, you do not want him to accidentally ingest something that is toxic to him. While your dog means no harm, there is often a reason why he is escaping his crate.

Sometimes he escapes but has no destructive behavior at all. However, it could still lead to your dog accidentally harming himself.

It is very important that you understand why it keeps happening to make sure he stops trying to escape. If your dog keeps breaking out of his crate, then read on to find out why it could be happening.

Why Does A Dog Break Out Of His Crate?

Because a dog cannot speak to us, breaking out of his crate is a sign that he is unhappy. However, the reason for doing so is usually far from clear. This is because it can be for a few reasons, rather than one clear cut thing.

You might need to look at any underlying issues he has, or keep an eye on his habits and behavior. If he suffers from separation anxiety, then the first thing you might point to is this.

The reason for this is that dogs can escape their crate and become destructive until you return. While it can be expensive, the more worrying thing is if he ingests something he shouldn’t.

For this reason alone you may worry about him escaping his crate when you leave him alone.

1. Separation Anxiety

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, he could be trying to break out of his crate to wreak havoc until you arrive home.

When a dog suffers from something like this, you will want to make sure that he is not accidentally harming himself and those around him. It can also be quite a stressful time for you both. If this is a problem, you will need to address it.

Using a crate to help train him to be calm while you are absent can be successful, but you may need to change the way you try and solve the issue – or buy a crate he cannot easily break out of.

2. Not Enough Exercise

If a dog hasn’t exercised enough, they will be full of the energy which they haven’t been able to burn off. This can cause your dog to break out of his crate and create mischief around the home.

If your house isn’t secure, they may even run out of the house entirely. Having a dog means you need to give them the exercise they need, otherwise they will not sleep.

So play with them, walk them, and make sure they feel satisfied and tired by the time they should be sleeping.

Are There Crates A Dog Cannot Break Out Of?


While it is a good idea to buy a crate that your dog cannot break out of, usually when there is a will, there is also a way. This means that no matter how secure you make the crate, your dog may still try to escape.

However, the last thing you want is for them to accidentally injure themselves. Despite this, if your dog does keep breaking out of his crate, then you will need to think about the type of crate you have.

For example, is it sturdy enough and what is the security like? A metal crate is usually far superior compared to a plastic crate. They can cost a lot more, and with good reason too.

Your dog may struggle to break out of a stable and well-built metal crate. You do have to be careful with wire crates however.

Some dogs can injure themselves if they are known to try and escape, so you may want to think about your dog’s breed, personality and any current issues before buying a crate.

What Ways Can You Stop A Dog Breaking Out Of His Crate?

If you want to make sure your dog does not break out of his crate, the first thing you will want to do is figure out what the underlying cause is.

During this time you may also want to make the crate as secure as possible, though this could also mean buying a new crate.

However, a dog may not enjoy being in a new crate as it is not familiar to them, so only do this as a last resort.

However, if your pet pooch is breaking out because he has negative feelings towards the crate, then a new crate should solve the problem.

The first thing you should consider is what quality the crate is. If it is a cheap collapsible crate which is one of the most popular types to buy, then your dog is probably going to be able to escape it easily.

You could try using zip-ties on each of the sides of the crate to make it extra sturdy and stable. Another option is to get a durable and strong crate that isn’t wired.

They are often used in airport travel and so on, and they can be very difficult to break out of – if not impossible. While a durable crate can cost you a few hundred dollars, you are spending that money to make sure your dog stays safe.

Final Thoughts

It can be stressful when a dog keeps breaking out of his crate, but there may be a reasonable explanation for why they keep doing it.

While there is likely to be an underlying reason, you may want to think about buying a crate which they cannot easily break out of in the meantime.