Plott Hound Lab Mix Overview

Parent Breeds:
Labrador Retriever & Plott Hound
Breed Nickname:
Plott Hound Lab Mix
20 to 28 inches
40 to 60 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 14 years
Coat Colors:
Chocolate, golden, black, and brindle

Plott Hound Lab Mix Characteristics

Good for First-Time Owners
Good with Children
Easy to Train
Exercise Requirements
Ease of Grooming
Amount of Shedding
Amount of Drooling
Tendency to Bark

About The Plott Hound Lab Mix

What Is A Plott Hound Lab Mix Called?

Unfortunately, the offspring between a Plott Hound and a Labrador does not have a unique nickname – they are simply referred to as Plott Hound Lab mixes.

Both parent breeds are known for being friendly and observant, and the very popular Labrador is a good match to shed more light on the unknown Plott Hound.

But is this unique breed a good match for your family? Let’s find out with our ultimate guide.

Plott Hound Lab Mix Breed History

  • Very limited history of the Plott Hound Lab mix.

  • Thought to have originated in the US during the designer breed boom.

There isn’t much history to go on for the Plott Hound Lab mix, as it hasn’t been around for too long and isn’t one of the most popular designer dog breeds.

The majority of designer dogs were first bred between the 1980s and 2000s, so we can expect the Plott Hound Lab mix to be at least 15 years old.

Again, the majority of designer dogs were bred in North America, so this is where we expect the Plott Hound Lab mix to have been first bred.

Labradors are extremely popular dogs, so it’s not surprising that they have been bred with plenty of other purebreds. But why the Plott Hound?

The Plott Hound is an uncommon dog that not many know about. It originated in Germany, but in the 1750s migrated to North Carolina. The Plott hound became the official dog for this state but was rarely seen outside of the borders.

That is why many people haven’t heard of the Plott Hound.

The decision to breed the Labrador with a Plott Hound could have been for many reasons. It might have been to minimize health conditions or to offer the Hound dog more recognition across the US.

Plott Hound Lab Mix Personality & Temperament

  • Very friendly companions.

  • Like to be independent, but don’t want to be alone.

  • Good with children.

Both the Labrador and Plott Hound are very friendly and amenable dogs, so you can expect the Plott Hound Lab mix to be the same.

While the Plott Hound can be rather stubborn and independent, there’s no guarantee that the Plott Hound Lab mix will inherit these traits.

Plott Hound Lab mixes are friendly with children, but they might be cautious of other dogs and strangers. They make good family pets, but we wouldn’t recommend them to anyone without experience dealing with animals.

While they might be independent and have no issue with being in another room to the party, they don’t want to be left alone for long periods of the day. They want to be part of the pack, traveling wherever you go.

For this reason, they’ll suit owners who work from home or who have plenty of time to spend with their dogs. A Plott Hound Lab mix’s worst fear is of missing out on the fun, and they won’t have an issue vocalizing their loneliness.

This might earn you some complaints from the neighbors!

Plott Hound Lab Mix Health

  • Monitoring food intake can minimize these health concerns.

  • Vet checkups are essential.

  • Life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

Health issues can be minimized through cross-breeding, but this doesn’t rule out the possibility altogether.

There are a few health issues that Plott Hound Lab mix are predisposed to, including joint dysplasia, allergies, and gastric torsion, otherwise known as bloating.

The majority of these health conditions can be controlled with diet. However, regular trips to the vet for a checkup are also important. The vet will be able to diagnose any concerns early, hopefully preventing them from becoming too serious.

Plott Hound Lab Mix Training

  • The difficulty of training depends on the inherited genes.

  • Positive reinforcement is best.

  • Early socialization is essential.

While the Plott Hound Lab mix is a very intelligent dog, it can also be stubborn. You won’t know how your puppy will react to training until they begin to mature. The Labrador is very eager to please and therefore tends to be great at training.

However, Plott Hounds can be extremely stubborn, which makes training more difficult. The genes the Plott Hound Lab mix inherits will determine how easy they are to train.

Either way, positive reinforcement is the best way to train your Plott Hound Lab mix. Negative reinforcement will make them more stubborn and create a rift between you. You need to work together when training and positive reinforcement is the only way to maintain this dynamic.

Early socialization is imperative when it comes to Plott Hound Lab mixes, so take them to a doggy park regularly when they’re young to meet new dogs and people.

Plott Hound Lab Mix Exercise Requirements

  • The difficulty of training depends on the inherited genes.

  • Positive reinforcement is best.

  • Early socialization is essential.

Since the Plott Hound Lab mix comes from two very energetic parents, they’ll need plenty of exercise throughout the day. One hour of exercise is the absolute minimum, but most will prefer more than this.

Bear in mind that this exercise should also be strenuous. A gentle stroll around the block will not do – they need to be running around for the full hour. Train them to come when you call so that you can let them off the leash in the doggy park, while you’re hiking, and more to get the most exercise.

They also enjoy swimming and running, so will be best suited to an active owner. However, if you’re not active, you can take them to the park and play fetch for an hour. They need to live in a house with a large yard where they can let out plenty of energy during the day.

Plott Hound Lab Mix Diet & Feeding

  • Offer fish oil supplements.

  • Feed them the correct amount based on their weight.

As Plott Hound Lab mixes suffer from joint dysplasia, they should be on a diet consisting of fish oil and glucosamine supplements to prevent these issues. They’ll need food suited for large dogs with plenty of energy.

Protein is essential, so get food with lots of this in it. Healthy fats and carbs are also important.

Most dogs in the US are overweight, and this can negatively impact their joints. Only feed them enough for their current weight.

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Plott Hound Lab Mix Cost

  • Costs between $300 and $1,200.

  • Ongoing costs include food, toys, and vet bills.

The cost of a Plott Hound Lab mix can vary between $300 and $2,000.

Look for a reputable breeder. A good way to find trusted breeders is to ask for a health guarantee. They should be able to give you a detailed report on any health issues the parents have, and potential health concerns you could face with your puppy in the future.

If they don’t give you this, or they claim the dog will be perfectly healthy throughout their entire life, walk away. They’re not being truthful and therefore should not be trusted.

Ongoing costs include plenty of food, toys, furniture, insurance, and exercise equipment.