French Bulldogs are adorable to look at with their distinctive big ears, wrinkly short snout, and cute expression. The American Kennel Club lists them as one of the world’s most popular small dog breeds!

Frenchies come in a lot of different colors, although only some are acknowledged as a part of the breed standard by the Kennel Club. Rarer or more unusual color combinations are sometimes known as fad colors, which just means they’re outside of the breed standard. Not all rare colors are fad colors. 

Rarer colors of Frenchie are often more sought after and harder to breed depending on the genetics. Therefore, they’re typically more expensive. Some of the rarer colors are beautiful to look at!

Let’s take a look at 15 of the rarest Frenchie colors on the market. 

What Are The Rarest French Bulldog Colors?

1. Lilac French Bulldog

The lilac Frenchie, also known as the Isabella Frenchie, is thought of by many people as the rarest color of Frenchies available. An Isabella French Bulldog has a liver-colored or grayish, brown coat that has a lilac hue to it.

They often have light eyes and many have white markings on their chest and face. Their noses are typically pale pink or a gray/brown color, with pale pink skin around their eyes, nose, and mouth. 

The lilac hue comes from a recessive dilute gene. This means they’re hard to breed and both parents need to carry the gene. Any color pattern or mix with the lilac hue is rare. 

Aside from the regular health issues Frenchies struggle with, Isabella Frenchies can also struggle with additional spinal issues and alopecia. Lilac Frenchies can cost anywhere between $5000 and $15,000 or even more!

2. Lilac Merle French Bulldog


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A merle French Bulldog refers to a coat pattern that presents as random patches of darker pigment over the top of lighter patches of the same color. The merle color pattern is quite rare and beautiful to look at. 

Lilac merle Frenchies have a combination of brown and blue coat colors to create a stunning lilac hue. Darker patches are set against the lighter color, creating a very unique pattern. 

The merle pattern comes from a dominant gene, meaning only one parent needs to carry the gene to pass it onto the puppies.

Lilac merle Frenchies are very rare, potentially the rarest of the merle coat type. Merle Frenchies typically cost over $7000, with some lilac merles going for as much as $50,000!

3. Blue Merle French Bulldog

Another very rare merle color combination is the blue merle Frenchie. They have a black coat that is diluted, creating a blue tint

The merle pattern combined with this light blue hue is stunning to look at! They also tend to have bright blue eyes which makes them even more striking. 

4. Blue Fawn French Bulldog

A blue fawn Frenchie has that diluted blue hue we’ve mentioned, with patches of fawn fur. They may also have white or cream markings

The blue hue is often most visible around their face creating a sort of mask. Blue fawn Frenchies average around $6000 to $7000

5. Blue and Tan French Bulldog


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Some Frenchies have that stunning blue hue combined with patches of tan fur. The tan patches are often on their paws, chest, bottom, cheek and eyebrows. Blue and tan Frenchies are very rare. They can cost $5000 upwards depending on where you live!

6. Other Variations of Blue French Bulldogs


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All variations of the blue Frenchie are quite rare, including the solid blue Frenchie, the blue pied French Bulldog, and the blue brindle color. As we mentioned earlier, the blue color is actually a diluted black which gives a grayish blue hue. 

The pied pattern refers to a lighter colored coat with darker patches of the blue hue. The brindle pattern refers to random lighter spots and stripes on top of the blue base color

Blue Frenchies can be prone to alopecia, also known as color dilution alopecia. This causes hair loss and irritated skin. Blue Frenchies can cost between $4500 and $7000, sometimes more!

7. Other Variations of Merle French Bulldogs


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All colors of the merle pattern we discussed earlier are very rare. Other merle colors include chocolate merle, black merle, fawn merle, and white merle. You’ll likely pay $7000 and upwards for any color of merle Frenchie

The gene that leads to a merle dog can also cause hearing and vision issues. Dogs that inherit the gene from both parents, known as double merle Frenchies, are more prone to these issues

8. Chocolate French Bulldog

Chocolate Frenchies are quite rare and can range from light to dark brown. This color is rare because the color comes from a recessive gene

This means a dog needs to inherit the gene from both parents to have a chocolate coat. This can make breeding for the color tricky and often requires genetic testing. 

9. Sable French Bulldog


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You’ll likely have heard of a fawn Frenchie. They have a tan coat color that can range from light to deep. Sable French Bulldogs are rarer versions of the fawn Frenchie

Although they look very similar at first glance, the fawn hairs have black tips in a sable Frenchie. Sable Frenchies range from  $4,000 to $10,000

10. Pure Black French Bulldog

Although it’s fairly common to see Frenchies with areas of black fur, it’s rare to see pure black French Bulldogs! The solid black coat is striking to look at.

The gene for the black coat color is a dominant gene. A pure Black Frenchie can cost $4000 and upwards depending on where you live. 

11. Black and Tan French Bulldog


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Frenchies with both dark black and tan patches are rare and beautiful to look at. They may also have whiter areas of color, particularly on their chest

The tan patches can range from much lighter, almost cream, to darker and with a reddish hue. They’re sometimes called tan points.

12. Black and White French Bulldog


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Frenchies with both black and white markings are quite rare. They typically have the pied gene we mentioned earlier. Markings will vary in size and shape depending on the genetics of the dog. 

Some black and white pied Frenchies can be more likely to have issues with hearing

13. Brindle French Bulldogs


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Brindle refers to a pattern of color rather than one specific color. The brindle pattern refers to irregular streaks and patterns of darker and lighter fur in the same color. It’s often described as ‘tiger-striped’, although the stripes tend to be less defined than that. 

Brindle Frenchies can come in a range of color combinations. Some colors are fairly common however others can be quite rare. This is because the gene is recessive, so needs to come from both parents

14. Cream French Bulldog

Cream Frenchies are often mistaken for white Frenchies, but in fact the two are different. A cream French Bulldog has a darker, more creamy colored coat rather than stark white. Some may have black markings around their face which looks like a black mask. 

Unlike many of the other colors here, the cream Frenchie is accepted as a breed standard. However, they’re still fairly rare as the gene for the cream color is diluted and recessive, so needs to be inherited from both parents. 

15. White French Bulldog

White is another color accepted by the Kennel Club. However, a solid white Frenchie with no other markings is quite a rare sight

Some pure white Frenchies may have albinism, which is a genetic condition causing a lack of pigment. White Frenchies can have additional health problems including deafness, eye conditions, and skin issues


What color French Bulldog is the cheapest?

Typically more common French Bulldog colors like fawn, some brindles, variations of white, and cream can be the least expensive. Prices will vary depending on where you live. See here for our detailed guide to how much French Bulldogs cost.

No French Bulldogs are ‘cheap’, as they’re difficult to breed. However, rare colored Frenchies tend to cost more.

What is the most popular French Bulldog color?

Despite being somewhat rare, the brindle color pattern tends to be the most popular among owners. Typically brindles with variations of black and tawny colors are the most popular. 

What is the most expensive French Bulldog colour?

Rare French Bulldog colors tend to be more expensive. Isabella (also known as lilac) French Bulldogs are the rarest breed, so they tend to be the most expensive. They can go for as much as $15,000 and above. 

What color French Bulldog is the healthiest?

There isn’t one specific color that is healthiest, however colors that fit the American Kennel Club breed standard tend to be healthier. This includes brindle, cream, white, fawn, and combinations of those four colors. 

All Frenchies are prone to health issues. This is due to breeding, the shape of their head and snout, and the shape of their skeleton. 

Getting a Frenchie from a reputable breeder is the best way to reduce the risk of health issues, even if you choose one of the rare coat colors. 


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