Crate training is a necessary burden in every dog owner’s life, and many people tend to cover their dog’s crate at night, as it is often recommended. However, it should be said that this is not recommended for every dog.

Some dogs will thrive off of the security that the enclosed, darkened space provides them with, but others may get anxious from being in a confined space.

Figuring out how you should try bringing a crate cover into your dog’s life is key, and understanding what is safest is also extremely important.

Should you cover your dog’s crate with a blanket? Today we will answer that question.

Is It Safe To Put A Blanket Over Your Dog’s Crate?

When you take into account some safety guidelines, covering your dog’s crate can be safe, however, you should absolutely NEVER completely cover your dog’s crate, as this could block airflow and prevent ventilation.

You need to keep any blankets away from sources of heat, this includes the sun, and ensure whatever fabric is used is breathable.

Avoid knitted blankets which can unravel or snag, and always monitor the conditions inside of the crate in humid summer weather to make sure it does not get too hot.

Some breeds are more likely to be victims to overheating, which makes ventilation extra important for these breeds.

Also note that puppies naturally chew, and they may shred bedding, blankets, and anything in reach of their tiny teeth.

If your pup is in this phase, secure the blanket to make sure they do not pull it into their crate and end up accidentally eating it.

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What Type Of Covers Are Best For Dog Crates?

A breathable and easy cleaning material is most ideal for dog crate covers. In cold climates, or for outdoor dogs, insulated covers can be ideal, but it could also be too warm.

Decor-matching covers can also make it an ideal choice for those who do not want to spend time staring at an unattractive wire dog crate.

A well tucked blanket or sheet is also ideal, just make sure to prevent any tearing, chewing, or tripping hazards while you are at it.

The primary concern for dog crate covers is that it should not restrict ventilation to the crate and does not create overheating in the summer months.

Should you have a dog that is sensitive to noise, covering their crate and moving blankets of furniture can help to reduce noise inside their crate.

Things such as moving blankets are ideal as they are made with padding between fabric layers, this will dampen any unwelcome sounds from appliances in the house, storms, and traffic outdoors.

While it is impossible to fully soundproof a dog’s crate, you can use products to dampen noise and reduce and anticipate any distressing noises.

What If Your Dog Doesn’t Like Having Their Crate Covered?

Keep an eye on your dog when it comes to using a crate cover, if they show any signs of anxiety around it, it is best not to use one. Some dogs are not comfortable with crates in the first place, let alone a blanketed crate.

For some dogs, a blanketed crate can make them feel safe, for others, it makes them more afraid.

Some dogs may only appreciate a partially covered crate. So, keep your eye out for signs of discontentment, and if your dog becomes aggressive, realize that a cover on their crate is just not for them.

If it is not benefiting your dog, do not cover it.

When Should You Cover Your Dog’s Crate?

A crate cover can be ideal for many dogs, especially those who are particularly anxious or sensitive to sound, visuals, and such. It can actually help prevent excitement, restlessness, and barking.

Dogs who are easily excited can benefit as they are much less likely to react to movements if they are sleeping in a covered crate, and it can even signal bedtime and help them get to sleep better.

Crate covers are especially ideal for road trips for dogs who get anxious or stressed out by riding in cars. They can also be ideal while your dog is in an unfamiliar place and is anxious or highly stimulated by distractions.

What Are The Risks?

Dog crate covers do not come without risks. Blankets are flammable for one, so you always need to be sure that the crate is away from open flames and heat sources.

Also, not every blanket material is a breathable one.

You should always check first, and in many cases, covers suited for summer are much better as they are more breathable. Some ideal materials include bamboo, cotton, silk, microfiber, and linen.

However, even with breathable materials, one side should remain uncovered for ventilation.

Blankets also increase the risk of your dog getting overheated, as it limits the airflow.

In winter this can be beneficial, but some brachycephalic breeds are much more likely to overheat as they cannot sweat to reduce body heat.

This includes breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, French Bulldogs, King Charles Spaniels, and more.

Finally, do not forget that some dogs are chewers, especially as puppies and blankets can easily become chew toys and end up being a choking hazard.

Most of the time chewing is harmless, but if they swallow some it can block their bowels, or they could choke.

This is even more likely with knitted blankets as these can easily unravel, making choking even more likely.

Should You Cover Your Dog’s Crate With a Blanket?

You can put a blanket over your dog’s crate. However, you should always do so with caution and be sure to choose the blanket wisely.

Not all blankets are ideal for dog crates. Remember, if your dog seems uncomfortable or anxious by having its crate covered, leave it open. It is better to have a happy dog and isn’t worth the trouble.