If your dog likes to travel as much as you do, there’s no better way to celebrate life together than with a summer trip to one of the top 10 best dog-friendly beaches in the United States. To help you enjoy a great summer getaway BreedAdvisor.com has released the 10 best beaches to take your dog. From sunny Florida to the Pacific Northwest, and some great points in between, today we will look at some great places to take your dog on a vacation.

At several of these destinations your dogs can splash and play to their heart’s content (without being on a leash) while you meet and socialize with other dog owners. From dog-friendly beaches to events designed just for dogs, your canine friend is sure to love exploring and meeting new playmates at these summer hot spots. The ‘dog days of summer’ are coming soon, so let’s dive in!

dog beach Cape San Blas

#10 – Cape San Blas, Florida

Located on a barrier peninsula on Florida’s Gulf Coast, this lesser-known beach is near the town of Port St. Joe. It’s situated between St. Joseph Bay to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, offering visitors and their pups the chance to enjoy both calm bay waters and the open sea that the Gulf offers.

Cape San Blas is a hidden gem as it remains relatively uncrowded and undeveloped. The lack of high-rise condos and hotels contributes to its serene and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal getaway for dog owners who are seeking relaxation and solitude. Here you can bike, hike, paddle, fish, and ride horses on the beach!

The dog-friendly beach provides ample space for your furry friend to explore. Dogs are allowed on the beach but with leash requirements, which is the one knock on this incredible tranquil retreat. Many restaurants and rental properties in the area welcome pets.

Cape San Blas is conveniently located near other attractions along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Visitors can explore nearby state parks, such as St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, both of which are dog-friendly and offer opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and camping.

dog-friendly beach in New Jersey

# 9 – Wildwood Dog Beach, New Jersey

Known as the Doo Wop Dogs Beach, Wildwood Dog Beach offers a spacious, designated stretch of sand where dogs can run, play, and swim without a leash. The beach provides water stations, waste bags, and even hosts annual dog-centric events.

Similar to Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, this beach along the New Jersey shoreline is enclosed by fencing to ensure the safety of the dogs and to prevent any from wandering off. There are even two areas that separate larger dogs from smaller dogs, and that feature has been well received by many dog owners.

Wildwood Dog Beach is considered by many to be the best beach on the Jersey Shore to take your four-legged friends.

dog beach Block Island RI

# 8 – Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island, located off the coast of tiny Rhode Island, is a charming destination known for its pristine shoreline and charming coastal ambiance. While Block Island is a popular vacation spot for many out-of-state travelers, it also welcomes furry friends, making it an excellent choice for dog owners looking for a great beach getaway.

The island offers several beaches where dogs are welcome to roam and play, however, they required to be on a leash at all times. Some of the most popular dog-friendly beaches on the island include Ballard’s Beach, which is located near the center of Block Island and is known for its soft sand and clear water. Crescent Beach is another dog-friendly section on Block Island, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of space for dogs to run and play. Scotch Beach is found on the northeastern shore of Block Island and is a favorite among locals, especially young adults.

Many of the area hotels and lodging are not pet friendly, so do your due diligence if you plan to stay overnight on the island.

With over 28 miles of trails and numerous dog-friendly beaches, Block Island provides no shortage of places for you and your pet to explore. You can even take them out on the water. The Block Island Ferry allows pets on both the Traditional and High-speed ferries. On some boats, the pets are permitted on board but must always remain on a leash or in a carrier.

best beaches to take your dog

# 7 – Cannon Beach, Oregon

With its vast sandy shoreline and breathtaking views, Cannon Beach is a paradise for dogs and their owners. Dogs can roam freely off-leash and enjoy frolicking in the waves. The beach also offers convenient amenities such as dog waste stations and fresh water access.

One of the most recognizable features of Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock is a towering sea stack that rises anHaystack incredible 235 feet or 72 meters above the shoreline. It’s a protected marine sanctuary and home to a diverse array of seabirds and marine life. At low tide, it is a great place to take your pup and explore the tide pools around the base of the rock.

Your dog will relish the several miles of pristine sandy beaches. Cannon Beach is perfect for leisurely strolls, beachcombing, picnics, and kite flying. The wide expanses of sand here in Northwest Oregon offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Best of all, you can take your dog to many nearby places outside the beach area, as there are more than a dozen, local restaurants and businesses that cater to dog owners.

Huntington beach for dogs

# 6 – Huntington Dog Beach, California

Conveniently situated along the stunning Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County, this is one of the few off-leash dog beaches in Southern California.

This dedicated dog beach spans over a mile long and provides a safe environment for dogs to play in the sand and surf. With its friendly community of dog owners and a dog wash station, Huntington Dog Beach is a top choice for canine lovers.

Many beach amenities are designed with the animals in mind, including doggie waste bags and disposal stations to keep things environmentally friendly. There are also freshwater showers where dogs can rinse off after a day of fun in the sun, as well as drinking water stations to keep them hydrated.

Throughout the year, Huntington Dog Beach hosts various events and activities for dogs and their owners. These events often include adoption fairs, fundraisers, and pet-friendly festivals. Among the popular events are surfing competitions specifically for dogs, such as the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition.  2024 will mark the 27th renewal of this fun-to-watch event.


# 5 – Jekyll Island Beach, Georgia

Jekyll Island Beach is a charming barrier island and a picturesque destination that allows dogs on the beach year-round. With its calm waves and beautiful scenery, the popular Georgia travel location is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll with your four-legged friend.

Beach Jekyll Island Beach dog flickrWhile dogs are allowed on the beaches of Jekyll Island, they must be kept on a leash at all times. The leash has to be less than 16 feet long. The beach provides waste bags and receptacles for easy cleanup.

There is no shortage of pet-friendly accommodations available on the island. Many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals on Jekyll Island Beach welcome guests with dogs, although most of the hotels do charge a pet fee. Most of the area’s fabulous restaurants have outdoor seating areas, and nearly all of them are dog friendly. You can even take Fido on a boat trip with Jekyll Island Dolphin Tours. Just call ahead and confirm that your dog can come along.

Montrose dog beach IL

# 4 – Montrose Dog Beach, Illinois

Montrose Dog Beach is 4th on our list of the best beaches to take your dog.  This dog beach is situated within Montrose Beach, which is located along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan on Chicago’s North Side.

It is a popular destination for dog owners in the Windy City as their dogs can play off-leash in the designated area. One of the best attributes of Montrose Dog Beach is the ability to meet up and get to know other canine pals and owners. It has a vibrant community of dog owners who frequent the beach regularly in the summer. Montrose Dog Beach is a popular gathering spot for both locals and out-of-town guests, offering opportunities for dogs and their owners to socialize and make new friends.

Safety is also a top priority. The designated beach is enclosed by fencing to ensure the safety of the dogs and to prevent them from wandering off since many are playing off-leash.

The beach is equipped with amenities specifically designed for dogs, including waste bags and disposal stations. There are freshwater showers where dogs can rinse off after playing in the water, as well as drinking water stations to keep them hydrated, especially on those hot Chicago summer days.

Before visiting, check out the 16 rules of etiquette from Mondog.org, the official website of Montrose Dog Beach.

Long beach dogs

# 3 – Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

Long Beach Peninsula in Washington is one of the longest continuous stretches of beach in the United States. This spectacular area boasts miles of dog-friendly coastline, making it an ideal destination for your furry companion. Dogs are welcome year-round to run, play, and dig in the sand.  There are numerous pet waste stations throughout the beach.

Many sections of the beaches on the Long Beach Peninsula are dog-friendly, allowing dogs to enjoy off-leash playtime in the sand and surf. Throughout the Washington peninsula, the beaches offer stunning panoramic views.

In addition to enjoying the beaches, there are plenty of pet-friendly activities to explore on the Long Beach Peninsula. This includes hiking trails in state parks such as Cape Disappointment State Park and Leadbetter Point State Park, where leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their owners. There are also plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in nearby towns like Long Beach and Ocean Park.

After you visit with your dog and you have taken some great photos, you can nominate your pup for Beach Dog of the Month with #LBPdog on Instagram. He or she might just gain some online fame!

Rosie's dog beach in CA

# 2 – Rosie’s Dog Beach, California

In the Los Angeles area and looking to enjoy quality time with your furry companions? Look no further than Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, California. Incredibly, this is the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County, making it among the top 10 best beaches to take your dog. This expansive beach features beautiful views, a friendly atmosphere where numerous dog owners come and socialize, and ample space for dogs to run freely and enjoy the waves.

Rosie’s Dog Beach is a segment of Belmont Shore Beach. It can be hard to tell where the boundaries are since it is not fenced in, but cones are commonly used to help identify and delineate the dog beach. If you are visiting from out of town, you can find Rosie’s Dog Beach between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues along Ocean Boulevard.

As you would expect with a popular destination in Southern California, parking can sometimes be limited, so arrive early or consider alternative transportation options if possible. The beach is open from 6am to 8pm PT every day. Beat the crowd and then enjoy an awesome time along this Pacific Ocean coastline.

#1 beach for dogs Fort De Sota

# 1 – Fort De Soto Park, Florida

Fort De Soto tops our list on the best beaches to take your dog. Featuring a Spanish-America War-era fort, Fort De Soto has five islands and 1,136 acres on the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. The park offers designated areas where dogs are allowed, including North Beach and East Beach. These two areas provide opportunities for dogs to play off-leash as you take in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The dog-friendly beaches at Fort De Soto Park are equipped with amenities for both dogs and their owners. This includes doggie waste bags, freshwater showers and disposal stations.

As one of the largest dog-friendly beaches in the United States, Fort De Soto Park also offers a fun, leash-free Paw Playground where dogs can enjoy a designated swimming area and explore the park’s nature trails. There is a shower to wash off after the pups are done playing.

In addition to the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, Fort De Soto Park offers a variety of outdoor activities for you and your dog to enjoy together. This includes hiking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities for wildlife viewing. Be aware that dogs must be kept on a leash while on trails and in other areas of the park outside of the designated dog beach areas.

Fort De Sota is close to St. Petersburg, Florida, one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States, so there are tons of other attractions including museums, sporting events, restaurants, and shops. While dogs may not be allowed in all indoor establishments, there are plenty of outdoor areas where you can explore with your furry companion.

Tips to Remember at Dog-friendly Beaches

Remember to always to do your research before visiting one of these beaches. Respect the rules and guidelines of each beach to ensure a positive experience for you and your pups. It’s vital for dog owners to observe beach rules and regulations, including keeping their dogs under control at all times, cleaning up after them, and being respectful of other beachgoers. This makes for a better experience for everyone involved!

Always, as you enjoy the 10 best dog beaches to take your dog this summer, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, toys, and shade for both you and your furry friend.

Enjoy the Best Beaches to Take Your Dog

Exploring these top dog-friendly beaches with your beloved canine companion can be a wonderful, lifetime memory for you and your family. Whether you can make it or not to one of these top 10 best beaches to take your dog, find a great one near you this summer and enjoy the experience. You dog will thank you!