When you get a new puppy, you might hear him or her crying or whining at night. While this may break your heart, it is bound to happen to a little pet pooch who has recently left their pack.

Hearing your puppy cry is often a normal experience within those first few days of owning one. Having your puppy in a crate in your bedroom is often advised during this time. 

If you have been searching high and low for what to do when your puppy cries in his crate at night, then you have come to the right place. 

So long as you follow these simple steps below, you will have a happy and healthy puppy in next to no time. 

Why Does A Puppy Cry In His Crate At Night?

It is never surprising that a new puppy will cry at night in his crate. He will be feeling quite lost and alone, especially if he has just left his pack. 

One day he was all cuddled up with his siblings and his mother, and the next night he is alone in a crate in the dark. 

Dogs are naturally social creatures, and if they do not have you close by, then they may begin to feel anxious. Also, they are only just getting to know you, so at this point you will be more like a stranger to them.

Despite the crate being comfy and a place where they can relax, it is unfamiliar to them. It also does not smell like anything they have known.

For these reasons, a new puppy often cries and whines in his crate. Even so, there are steps you can take to make sure he starts to sleep in his crate at night. 

Why Do People Keep A Puppy In A Crate At Night?

A lot of people put a puppy in a crate for many different reasons. At first, a puppy is put in a crate to protect themselves from the home if it hasn’t been puppy proofed, but also to stop an untrained puppy chewing everything.

Using a crate also allows an owner to house train their puppy, because a puppy is less likely to go to the toilet within their own crate. However, sometimes accidents do happen!

A crate also allows an owner to have their puppy near them and get used to sleeping in one place at night. A crate is also useful for when a puppy or dog has been to the vet, or when there is an emergency. 

What To Do When Your Puppy Cries In A Crate At Night?

Here are some simple steps to take to help your puppy settle in and stop crying in his crate:

Avoid Attention 

It is obvious that you want your puppy to be comfortable and happy, but there is a trick to not giving in to his cries and whines during the night.

Unless it has started all of a sudden, then ignoring his cries is the best way for him to get used to his surroundings. If you give your puppy attention when he cries, it will become a habit that he does to get you to see him. 

What Do You Do When Your Puppy Cries In His Crate At Night (1)

The best way to get your puppy used to his new life is by placing the crate in your bedroom. You will want to avoid directing any conversation or noise his way, as anything can be seen as attention to him.

You can also place a T-shirt with your scent on it in his crate for comfort. Every couple of nights you should move the crate further away from your bed, until eventually it is downstairs in the place you want him to sleep. 

Have A Routine

Having a routine that your puppy can adapt to will help him to know that you will always be around. For example, try and get up at the same time each day to open the curtains and to see him.

While you might not escape the whining, he will know that you are going to be there for him every morning. 

This can stop your puppy crying every night due to worrying about not seeing you again. 

Limit Any Distractions At Night

You will want your puppy to get a good night’s sleep, especially when he is starting to become comfortable about sleeping throughout the night.

One way is to not put any food in his crate or bed overnight. You will also want to avoid adding water to his sleeping area too. This can create a mess during the night, and he may knock the water over which could give him a chill.

Lastly, your puppy shouldn’t have toys in his sleeping area either. A good night’s sleep is a comfy bed, which is all he will need. 

What To Do If My Puppy Still Cries Every Night?

If you find your puppy is still crying after trying the above for a period of time, there may be another issue as to why it is happening. 

Make sure your puppy isn’t sleeping in a draft, or that he has no injuries or an illness. If nothing is obvious, take him to a vet who can advise you.

Final Thoughts

When you get a puppy, you may find that he cries and whines at night in his crate. While this can break your heart, it is important that you do not give him any attention. This can cause a bad habit of him doing so to always get your attention.

You should also make his crate very comfortable to sleep in, and that it is not placed in a draft. You may also want to remove distractions, and give him a T-shirt with your scent on it so he can be extra comfy.

There are many ways to stop your puppy crying. If you have no relief from the crying, you may want to take him to a vet.