The corgi is an adorable dog species. Once a cattle herding dog, this breed of dog is boisterous, fun, excitable, and tenacious. They are also quite small.

As a result of their small stature and size, picking out the right size dog crate for them can be a little tricky.

We don’t want to choose a crate that is too big because it won’t offer our corgis the security they need, but we also don’t want to underestimate how big our corgi will grow.

It is vital that you find a dog crate that is the perfect size for your dog, yet small enough to keep him/she comfortable. The right size crate will also make it easier for you to train your pooch.

In this post, you’ll find a simple, yet effective guide that will help you find the right size crate for your corgi. If you need help finding a crate, keep reading!

Why Should You Buy A Crate For Your Corgi?

Before we do anything else, let’s look at why you should buy a crate for your corgi. Despite what most people think, a dog crate isn’t only used to give your dog somewhere to sleep or make traveling easier.

No, dog crates are also used to train dogs and give them their own safe space for when they feel tired or anxious. A dog crate gives your corgi a safe space that it knows it can use when it feels overwhelmed.

Your corgi’s dog crate can also be used to train him/her. For example, you can use a dog crate to potty train your dog as it won’t soil its own space.

You can also use a crate to discourage unwanted behavior such as barking and jumping. Finally, a dog crate can be used to keep your corgi safe when he/she is left alone.

What Is The Right Size Crate For Your Corgi?

We can’t conclusively say what size of dog crate is best for your corgi because there is a wide range of important factors to consider. However, what we can tell you is how you work out the right size crate for your corgi.

We can also tell you the main things you need to think about. To find the right size crate for your corgi, you need to measure the size and weight of your dog.

This is important because your dog needs the right amount of space to stay comfortable. We’ve outlined how you can work out the right size for your dog’s crate below!

How To Measure Your Corgi To Find The Right Size Crate?

The average male corgi weighs between 25 and 30 lbs. They also typically reach a size of 36L x 23W x 25H.

Whilst you would think this would be enough to go out and purchase a crate, you need to find the crate that suits your dog perfectly. Therefore, you have to measure your dog. This is how you do just that!

The Length Of Your Dog

To measure the length of your dog, you need to measure him/her from the tip of his/her nose to the base of his/her tail. This has to be done whilst the dog is standing up.

It is also very important that you don’t measure the full length of your dog’s tail as this could leave you with a crate that is too big.

Once you have this measurement, we recommend adding two to four inches on. This will help you find a crate that is the perfect length.

Height Of Your Dog

Next, you need to measure the height of your dog. In a sit position, measure from the floor to the top of your dog’s head. Once again, add two to four inches to find the perfect crate height.

Width Of Your Dog

You don’t need to worry about the width of your dog when choosing a crate. When it comes to dog crates, the width is based on the length and width of your dog.

Weight Of Your Dog

If you plan on carrying your corgi in a crate, you need to know its weight. You can find your dog’s weight by weighing them or by taking them to a vet.

Once you know the weight, make sure they weigh less than the crate’s maximum weight limit.

How Do You Know If The Crate Is The Right Size?

How Do You Know If The Crate Is The Right Size?

Once you’ve taken the measurements and bought a crate, you can easily see if you made the right decision. You’ll know if the crate you have purchased is the right size if your corgi can easily stand up, turn around, and lie down.

If they can’t, the crate must be too small. On the other hand, if your corgi has far too much room, the crate is too big.

Should You Buy A Crate Your Dog Can Grow Into?

There’s nothing wrong with buying a slightly bigger crate that your dog can grow into. In fact, if you have a puppy, this makes perfect sense.

However, if you buy a larger crate, you need to make sure it’s a crate that grows with your dog. What we mean by this is that you should buy a crate that comes with dividers.

The dividers will allow you to adjust the size of the crate as your corgi grows. This will make it much easier for you to train your dog.

Should You Buy More Than One Crate?

It isn’t uncommon for dog owners to buy more than one crate for their dogs. In fact, it’s actually a very good idea.

You could keep one crate at home and another for traveling. This will ensure that your dog has all the comfort and security it needs no matter where you are.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we’ve shown you how you can find the right size crate for your corgi. Whilst there may be an average corgi size you can follow for guidance, we strongly recommend measuring your dog.

This is the only way you can find a crate that fits your dog perfectly. Now you have our guide at your disposal, measure your corgi so that you know what size crate you need to buy.