Are you unsure what size crate is best for a Cockapoo? Maybe you need to buy a new crate and aren’t sure what size to get? Or are you curious and want to know more?

No matter the reason that brought you here, we are here with the answers you need! Finding the right size crate for your Cockapoo can be tricky.

Whether they are a puppy or an adult, knowing how much space they will need in a crate to feel comfortable and happy seems an impossible task. So you head online for some guidance.

But the conflicting answers and advice leaves you more confused! Frustrated and overwhelmed, you wonder if you will ever find the answers you need. Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need.

Keep reading to find out what size crate you need for your Cockapoo. We also have plenty of tips you can use to become a dog crate expert today!

What Size Crate For Cockapoo?

What Size Crate For Cockapoo?

For your Cockapoo, you should purchase a 36-inch (92cm) crate. This will provide them with plenty of room to stretch and relax, without feeling too restricted.

This size crate is perfect for puppy and adult Cockapoos. If your Cockapoo is on the larger side, you might want to size up, but it’s not necessary.

You can visit your local pet store to look at the display crates and get a better idea of the size before you purchase the crate too if you need to.

This will allow you to visualize your Cockapoo in the crate and purchase the right size for them. For puppies, it might be worth using a crate divider.

This will give them one section where they can sleep and relax, and another for their toys! It also helps them to become comfortable in a smaller, less intimidating crate, which can speed crate training up.

You can then adjust the size of the crate as your Cockapoo grows without the need to purchase another crate. If your Cockapoo is on the small side, then you can probably get away with a 30-inch crate.

For puppies and small Cockapoos, this will still provide them with plenty of space to relax and even play. The smaller crate size also removes the need for a crate divider, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Again, we recommend checking out some built crates to see what size is best for your Cockapoo. You want them to fit comfortably and be able to relax and stand up without their heads hitting the roof of the crate.

You will also want to factor in space for their bedding and toys. Make sure you are making the crate as comfortable as possible for them too. You will want bedding for them to sleep on and relax with.

We recommend purchasing a cheaper bed for your puppy. They will grow quickly, leaving you to repurchase the bed.

But there is a good chance they will chew it too. You don’t want to spend loads of money on something that will get torn apart!

Is It Hard To Crate Train A Cockapoo?

Cockapoos aren’t too difficult to train. Of course, it will take time, perseverance, and dedication as it does with every dog, but Cockapoos are a little easier. This is because of their intelligence and loving temperament.

Cockapoos love to please their owners, so providing you are clear with your instructions and actions, they should get the picture pretty quickly.

Now, every dog is different, so you might run into some issues along the way, but Cockapoos are usually keen to learn and will respond well. Many Cockapoo owners note how effective crate training is with them.

As long as the crate is inviting, you are positive, and remain clear with your crate training, you are good to go! What you don’t want to do is confuse your Cockapoo.

Keep the crate a safe and comfortable space for them. Never use it as a form of punishment as it will make it harder for you to get your Cockapoo in there!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! A 36-inch crate is the best size option for your Cockapoo (to find out the right size crate for a Corgi, read here). You can go for a larger or smaller size crate if you want to depending on the size of your Cockapoo.

Make sure there is plenty of space in the crate for your Cockapoo to feel comfortable and relaxed. You will also want plenty of space for their bedding and toys too, to help keep your Cockapoo as comfortable as possible.

Don’t forget to use a crate divider too for puppies to help them get used to a crate and section their space up.

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