If you are looking to train your puppy or dog to use a crate, the first steps you need to take are where to put the crate and how to make it comfortable.

It needs to be a really relaxing space in order for your dog to want to use it.

Using a crate can be a good way to make sure your dog does not cause havoc in the home while you are not with them, or to protect them from loud noises such as fireworks when they need time alone.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where to keep a dog crate and how to make it a wonderful place for your beloved pet pooch.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Dog Crate Inside The Home?

A dog’s crate should always be positive, and that means placing the crate within the home where people are. The majority of dogs are naturally social, and the crate placement should reflect this.

Because they can see out of the create (unless it is covered), you can add the crate to a social space. This could be the room you spend most of your time in, such as the living room.

Remember, a crate should never be used for punishment. For this reason, never hide the crate away in a room that is barely used. Your dog will begin to see the crate negatively and never want to use it.

However, do make sure that the crate isn’t placed in a draft, or by a fireplace or radiator. Also, you should not place the crate in direct sunlight either.

Can You Put A Puppy’s Crate In Your Bedroom?

It is always a great idea to keep a puppy’s crate in your bedroom overnight (see also ‘What Should I Leave In My Puppy’s Crate Overnight?‘). However, you may want one in the living room too. Instead of moving it around, buy two and place them in their separate areas.

A puppy often whines in their crate, though this is normal. However, to stop them from feeling so alone and stressed, having the crate close to you can help.

The puppy will feel reassured and safe knowing you are close by.

This is often best when the puppy is new to the family. They may need to feel extra safe since they have had to leave their pack.

Even so, this is actually optional. You don’t have to have a puppy’s crate in your bedroom. If you decide to, move the crate further away from you every two nights.

Eventually you will have moved the crate to its final place!

Where To Put A Dog Crate

What Should You Put Inside A Dog Crate To Make It Comfortable?

One thing you really want to avoid is having a crate with absolutely nothing inside. It will make your dog feel like he or she is being punished. It also just isn’t very nice.

To add comfort and feelings of safety, you may want to add these things to their crate:


Toys are a great addition to any crate. It keeps their mind stimulated to ensure that the environment is exciting, and it may even stop them chewing the crate or the bedding.

It can also create better habits for your dog. If they tend to chew your belongings, then they might consider chewing their toys instead, as they will not be able to get to your belongings while in the crate.

Lastly, having toys in their crate means that they see being in the crate as a happy time where they get to spend it with their toys, and other things they enjoy.

Only put two to three toys in there, and make sure they are not squeaky toys or stuffed toys. You will want to make sure they are safe and nothing gets into their system. The best ones are hollow and strong.


Bedding is crucial to your dog feeling comfortable in their crate, however, you will want to make sure that your dog does not have a habit of chewing their bedding.

If they do, then you may want to opt for bedding that is said to be chew-proof.

Otherwise, towels, blankets or soft dog bedding will be enough to keep them feeling comfortable and happy within their crate (see also ‘Should Dogs Be Crated?‘).

Just make sure to have something, as it will not be nice for them to have to sleep on a hard floor.

Water And Food

Most people do not leave water inside the crate. This is because they will fill their bladder and go to the toilet inside the crate. If going through house breaking, especially with a puppy, then water is never put inside a crate.

This is because more often than not, your dog will only be in a crate for an hour or two, and they can survive the night with no water.

However, if you are crating your dog for longer than this during the day, then you will need to supply them with water (see also ‘Is It OK To Crate Dogs All Day?’). Using a water bottle that you can fix to the side of the crate is better as it cannot be spilled.

Food on the other hand is welcomed. Hiding treats in toys gives your dog stimulation, and they may even associate the crate with rewards. Even so, you will not be giving your dog full meals in the crate.

Make sure to give your dog its main meals elsewhere, unless you are looking to give your dog positive reasons to go into the crate. You can place the dog bowl in there while you are present.

Final Thoughts

Making the crate as comfortable as possible is the best way to ensure your dog is safe and happy once inside the crate (see also ‘How To Make A Dog Crate More Comfortable‘). However, it also depends on where you put the crate.

It is always important to place the crate where you are most sociable. Doing so allows your dog to see what is going on around him or her.

If you place them alone and away from everyone, they will feel like they are being punished.